Meditating With Horses: Being vs. Doing

Many people talk about their horse going lame as being an unexpected gift; one that forced them to stop doing things to and with their horse, and experience just being with their horse instead.

The interconnectedness of LIFE, the state of our wholeness and our connection to Source can be experienced when we spend quiet time with our horses – ideally in meditative, or a very peaceful state, breathing deeply and easily. And of course, you don’t have to wait for your horse to go lame to enjoy these experiences!

Today I enjoyed a beautiful spring day out in my pasture with my horse, Zorra and my dog, Tiah.


I sat cross-legged on the ground and began breathing in the fresh spring air and turned my face up to the beautiful sunshine. Tiah lay down behind me (snuggled against my butt) and Zorra came over and stood in front of me


As we breathed and sunk into the earth together, Zorra too went into meditative state and love flowed freely between us



It was a truly magical, healing, nurturing experience and I was reminded again of the message from my heart/ribs during my craniosacral session the day before: Choose Softness


After about 20 minutes of this, another member of the herd, Spero, came over and Zorra moved off to the side. Now Spero is a bit of a monkey. So he came into this beautiful, peaceful space and boffed me round the head


Plunked his chin down on my shoulder, raked his teeth along my back and bit my hair. I caught his face in my hands and repeated out loud (for both him and me), “Choose softness… choose softness… choose softness.” After about 4 or 5 repetitions, he exhaled, took another step closer and then he too sunk into meditative state above my head – just as Zorra had been. And we spent another 15 minutes or so in deep connection to each other, to the earth, to peace.

Animals that love us are always available to share this space with us and to bring in the divine love and healing that is always there for us. We just need to slow down, be still, soften, and open to receive.


Meditating With Horses: Being vs. Doing

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