Of Mud, Horses, Soil & Birds

WHY ARE YOUR HORSES SO MUDDY?? Humans use mud to draw out impurities. We drink bentonite clay to assist with detox.

This all happened in one afternoon – a peek into what I get up to when I go hang with the herd and nature. Notice both Siyone and Aude’s behaviour in the video below… have you seen your own horses do anything similar? Humans use mud to draw out impurities. We drink bentonite clay to assist with detox.

You can hear traffic sounds all around now as the city development gets closer and closer to this magical pocket of land. Hopefully we will have another year on this land before it is razed for human townhomes.

Share your stories and thoughts about what’s happening here and why in the comments below…

Of Mud, Horses, Soil & Birds

6 thoughts on “Of Mud, Horses, Soil & Birds

  • March 28, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    Hey Jini,
    I get the feeling there are minerals or something in that water they need.
    Jarrah has had itchy spots along his withers, and neck and I offered aloe vera at first a few times but then it was No! Then coconut oil was offered and that was a No! So I guess I gave up offering topical things. (I did put a bit of comfrey and camomile in his feed till I ran out)
    Then after a big rain event that went on for days he came up the top covered in mud, what a sight, it was hilarious! Since then the aggravation on his skin has settled down quite considerably. So Im of the opinion the clay/mud helped! Go horse wisdom!!!!! Great lesson for me! I shall try to be more trusting in future lol.
    Also I rescued a wee kitty just recently, that is getting over a bullet graze on its chest and very anaemic from blood loss, it has been licking the rocks in my plant pot and it licked the back steps of a place I was at the other day, also whenever I open the DE powder container it starts licking that too! So I am trusting it knows what it needs!
    The roo mince, broccoli and nettle tea has helped boost its iron after a week of 4-5x meals a day and one during the night, and its gums are starting to show some color. Its also starting to play a bit too! It is a very gutsy, funny wee kitty. I’ve introduced her to Jarrah and she isnt phased one bit. lol. Brave little soul!
    So there’s my animal wisdom story!
    Btw-Holly is still here enjoying hanging with J. The new home is on the back burner till other things fall into place, which is fine, all in good time I reckon.
    The noises of the mud and water was amazing btw! Its a whole other world under our feet ay! Love it!
    Bless all you guys. Lots of love and big hugs
    Erin from down under 💚🐎🌳

    • March 29, 2021 at 12:07 am

      Well that’s so interesting that Holly is still there… do you just stay well clear of her?

      I’m so glad you were as thrilled with the soil water sounds as I was! And I love your story of Jarrah’s mud medicine. Add that option to your medicine bag during the dry months 😉

      I wonder if Jarrah and kitty will become friends? She certainly knows what she needs to heal!

  • March 28, 2021 at 10:34 pm

    Ah, yes, mud and water in springtime! I used to love it as a child, still do actually.

    Here we still have some snow left, but the sensation of the soil and mud and water is wonderful after a long winter. Our horses also like playing with the water and drinking the muddy water. I’ve also thought it must be for the minerals etc. And good for the hooves too, nutrition for the whole body inside out, actually. And this embodiment of spring and earth and water…

    And on another note, this landscape and this herd should obviously be declared a national treasure🕊

    • March 29, 2021 at 12:12 am

      Oh good to know yours drink it too! It’s interesting because I have free-choice powdered minerals in their barn and they’ve been eating a LOT these last 2 months. Just this last week they ate a lot more salt than they normally do too.

      Your closing note made my heart sing 🙂 I agree and have done everything in my power to get this land protected. The rest is in the hands of destiny.

  • April 1, 2021 at 8:40 pm

    I’m thinking about winter for horses. No fresh grass nor any other vegetation. No pulling and biting off plants, no mixing it up, and because of that, the missing micro-stuff in the gut. Then, you mention the running water throughout the field….filtered water bubbling all under the surface that is barely audible to us but not barely audible to the horses. And now all that pawing and mixing in this fresh, filtered water in the ground….. time to refill the gut.. how happy they must feel with spring having sprung!
    Just amazing how the horses know what they need for health and wellness.

    • April 4, 2021 at 2:42 am

      Very true Claudia. Also this was an extra wet/long winter so I think they need some extra support. They’ve just started shedding so thank god warmer/drier weather is coming! I talked to the landlord and we’re going to try to keep this mudhole/waterhole going for them throughout the summer – YAY! Cobra will be SO happy to be able to cover himself with a layer of protection from the biting bugs and also to soothe his itches. As long as they don’t wreck the hose, we should be good.


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