Telepathy Versus Body Language Communication with Horses

A reader once asked me: “If you can communicate through energy (telepathically) to your horses, why do you need to use body language, force or pressure etc. to get them to do what you want, and why do they sometimes not listen to you? Just wondering because if you could tell them everything via thoughts, there would be no need for anything else. Not hating or disagreeing with you, just want to know!”

I adore juicy questions like this! But before we can even get into the nuances, we have to take a look at communication in general.

Is spoken language da bomb?

As humans, we naturally think that spoken communication is the “gold standard”. That it is the most clear, the most accurate form of communication. This is a good part of the reason humans have historically viewed animals as “dumb creatures”, because humans have a patterned, spoken language of recurring sounds, that are symbolic of fixed meanings. And most animals do not.

Just in case you think our spoken language is stunning in it’s accuracy and efficiency, go ahead and play a game of ‘telephone’ or ‘whispers’. You know, where you have a line or circle of humans and you say a few sentences to the person next to you, and they tell the person next to them, and so on. Then the last person repeats, out loud, to the whole group, the few sentences – and everyone roars with laughter as they compare it to the original few sentences.

Here’s another one – tell someone a story and then listen as they tell their friend the story. Or tell something juicy that’s sure to be shared many times (gossip) and then find out how your tidbit morphs over the next week.

So even though we think we are saying one thing – what the other person is hearing can be completely different. A brilliant way to illustrate how wide the gap can be between what we think we’re saying/communicating and what another human is hearing/interpreting, is to try this exercise:

Stand with your back to your friend, who has a pencil and paper. Now try to direct your friend, using words only, how to draw a layout of your backyard, or your living room. Describe it as accurately and precisely as you can, using this amazing tool of spoken language. Now turn around and see what your friend has drawn. Click here if you’d like to try this yourself right now! Scroll down her post to where it says EXAMPLE and then grab a pen and paper and follow the instructions.

Okay, so now that we’ve explored some of the limitations and inefficiencies of spoken language… shall we take another 4 pages to talk about the inefficiencies of telepathy and body language? Or, can we just agree that any system of communication has pros and cons…?

It’s not either/or…

So that’s why I find the most efficient, and most trustworthy, form of communication is the combination of verbal, telepathic, and body language all together.

I find that animals naturally communicate this way too. Even if their sounds are subtle, or they are being silent, they are usually using telepathy and body messaging together.

Having said that, there are times when I do use only/mostly telepathy. I say “mostly” because as an integrated being, I’m sure my body is always telegraphing the pictures in my mind in some way or another. And animals are far more skilled at perceiving minute or nuanced body messages. So even though I think I’m just standing still, sending pictures with my mind, my body is no doubt speaking clearly as well.

Even standing still conveys messages

And then there’s the whole concept of energy… chi, ki, prana. Ki is a very clear messaging/communication system too – and often operates in tandem with physical body messaging.

I’ve watched/perceived Montaro, from 50 feet away, raise his head, send his ki out, lift his leg to begin walking – and already 2-3 horses are moving away from me to clear a path for him. As he comes closer, the only other physical sign I perceive is an ear flick. But his ki is like an arrow slicing through air, or the prow of a ship parting the waves. And the other horses have already peeled off to either side in response to his ki.

So I don’t think communicating – with my horses or anyone else – is an either/or scenario. We are all an interdependent ecosystem, and the better we can get at communicating effectively, the better our world will run. And the better and stronger our relationships will be.

How this benefits humans

Here’s an example of how Montaro’s lessons on combining ki with body language created so much more peace and efficiency in my home. I have a 19-year-old son and almost all his friends live in townhomes or smaller homes. Our house has half an acre with a huge workshop at the back that they have dubbed The Shed. So guess where all the lads hang out?

My challenge is to walk into The Shed of blaring rap music, haze of cannabis smoke and empty alcohol bottles everywhere at 3 am and tell 10 huge testosterone-laden males that it’s time to shut ‘er down and crash or head home. Just little ol’ me.

I start running As Above So Below as I walk towards the Shed, clockwise first to build my ki, then counter-clockwise to extend it out around me. I open the door and stand inside the Shed and well to the right of the door – leaving a clear, open pathway to where I want them to go (body language, messaging). My ki is grounded and sunk into the earth. My voice is calm and strong. I unplug the music and speak in low tones, “Ok guys, time to shut it down, let’s go.” as I gesture with a relaxed, open palm to where I want them to exit. My body is at an angle to them, my breathing is deep and slow.

I am not bossy, not confrontational, not militaristic. I exist solely in the place of IT IS. Dead calm, dead certain, no possibility of any other outcome. The lads laugh, joke and shove each other. My son argues with me, gets aggressive verbally, challenges me with his body language (squares up to me, pushes into my space). I simply angle away from him and continue stating calmly, that it’s late and time to sleep or leave. My arm continues to extend towards the way out.

Within a couple of minutes, his friends step in and ask my son to stop, they pull him away from me, they say, “C’mon guys, enough, let’s go.” They apologize to me as they file through the door. I say, “No worries.” Five minutes later, the Shed is cleared and locked up for the night. I head to bed, still calm, thanking the divine for sending me Montaro – how would I possibly have the skills to navigate things like this successfully without him??

What does telepathy look/feel like?

Today I had an interesting experience with the herd that felt mostly telepathic to me… I got all 11 feed dishes ready in the tack room – which took me quite a while as I was adding herbs, ground flax, flax oil and Vitamin E this time. So the horses had been waiting with building anticipation. However, I had put special herbs in there for Posa, so I wanted her to have her feed in the enclosed paddock area by herself. This would ensure no one would eat hers, or push her off it before she finished.

So I came out of the tack room when all the dishes were ready, and closed the door behind me. The horses clustered around me, following closely. I walked into the enclosed paddock alone, latched the gate behind me and sat down on the chair I keep in there. The higher ranking horses were all clustered around the gate, as 11 pairs of eyes looked at me.

I said, out loud, to the horses (as I sent them matching pictures in my head): “I would like Posa to come in here to have her feed. No one’s getting feed dishes until she’s in here. So I’m just going to wait here until you guys figure out a way to make that happen.” And then I sat quietly, continuing to send them pictures of what I wanted.

Baby Posa

Within 3-4 minutes, the lead horses (Montaro, Aude, Jax, Juno) all stepped well away from the paddock gate, opening up a wide clear path from the barn to the gate. Baby Posa walked calmly down the pathway they had created, as she neared the gate, I got out of my chair, opened the gate and held it open as she walked calmly through, on her own. None of the other horses crowded the gate, or tried to follow in behind her. Well. Alrighty then! Feed time 🙂

In an instance like that, an observer might be able to detect some body language or messaging going on. But I’m not sure how my body language alone could communicate such a specific plan.

One could say that was just a lucky coincidence, but I manage the herd all the time with no halters, ropes, sticks etc. Many times I give them my idea or request and through a combination of body language and telepathy (putting words, pictures, or thought packages in my head), they show me a much better idea. Actually, it’s usually that way!

I’m sure everyone reading this can tell a story where their horse communicated something noteworthy using a combination of body language, telepathy and possibly sound…

Telepathy Versus Body Language Communication with Horses

15 thoughts on “Telepathy Versus Body Language Communication with Horses

  • May 12, 2019 at 7:49 am

    Great conversation starter! Communication has been front and center for me the last few weeks and although I have always valued and explored all nuances of communicating with animals I feel I am starting to get even deeper and have more and more affirmation that intention and energy is so very affective! Just like your Posa feeding interaction! Here’s my most recent experience and it was so entertaining! Jini as you know I have been gifted an amazing new human friend in my life! Her name is Zarrie (love unique names!) and her horse is Stetson. Stetson has very sensitive energy just like Dreamer….and when I was out and about with Dreamer a few weeks ago…I let them go nose to nose over the fence and as I had thought …the interaction was very easy and simple and there was not even any squealing! Dreamer almost always squeals! I also recently mowed Zarries back 5-7 acres with the tractor mower! Not hugely environmentally friendly but yet very necessary in California for our fire danger laden times! They only have two horses so they can not clear this by themselves! So the day after I finished mowing ….Dreamer and I went for a ride! I had pictured going over there so he could explore (which he loves) and he went out our back gate and high tailed it over to hers …he knew we were going to ride over there …even though he has never done so! Which in itself was really cool…but not the main part of the story! He was so happy and fun and we had amazing fluid trots and long relaxed gallops …all on his own accord with no encouragement from me! Very exhilarating and peaceful all at the same time! We explored all over her entire area and also visited Stetson and the mare he lives with…Miss Memphis…!
    Dreamer also explored all the openings to one of there barns and we wandered through the maze of paddocks….it use to be an Alpaca ranch! I mostly just let him be the leader and go where he wanted to…we call these Dreamy rides! Zarrie was watching us and could feel and see his happiness eluding from his every fiber! So that night Zarrie and I were texting each other and we had discussed Dreamer coming over to meet Stetson in that same back acreage so they could have a huge space and it would be a bit safer …as now that I had mowed it …you could see and navigate some of the obstacles that are back there better! Not that horses need this but as a human I do like to set up as safe as circumstances as possible for everyone’s benefit and piece of mind! This conversation/text happened on Wednesday and the meeting was going to take place Friday as we were both busy doing human things on Thursday! But on Thursday when I went to get Dreamer (& all the horses) off the big grazing…which they all do almost always at Liberty each day…Dreamer said no way I get to go play across the street! At first I didn’t know or realize why he ran from me! But he ran straight to the fence that faces Zarries acreage. He then started calling to Stetson! Then he started running the fence line and flaunting his flawless exuberant movements! Zarrie came to her her kitchen window after hearing him and was watching all this happen! Dreamer even went to our back gate and pushed on it many times (he’s never done this before) to show me ….what he thought should be happening! He ran back and fourth many times stopping to say to me …come on come on …why are we not going over there I am ready! When I told him not until tomorrow he just ran off again and yelled and head tossed …like your not listening…I am ready you said I could go meet him! He was so dam cute and so clear that he knew we had put that energy out (even though by text?🤔) that he was going to get to go meet Stetson fence free!
    I so wish I had been able to catch it on video …but at the same time absorbing the moment was wonderful! Zarrie ended up coming out and asking me if he was doing what she thought he was doing? Which was Expressing very clearly he was ready for there meeting! It really was so affirming that he had felt and picked up very clearly what our intentions were and he wanted it to happen that day! Talk about clear without a doubt communication in all forms …it really was astonishing and so exciting to witness his display! Stetson was also yelling back the whole time and moving to parts of his area so he could see Dreamer! Well the next day we stayed true to our intentions and they met! It was very lovely and both of their very sensitive energies were very compatible! They enjoyed each other and within only about 15-20 minutes were drinking from the same trough and rolling next to each other! Like Bro I already trust you so much!
    Dreamer was pretty reluctant for it to end…. after about an hour and a half…and I would of like to leave them together for a lot longer but they still have a lot of green grazing going on in the creek that runs through there acreage and I am still not letting Dreamer graze that kind of stuff in the afternoon/evening! Of course this will not be the last time and we plan on them having a lot of shared time with each other and fun activities and outings! I am Hoping Dreamer can be one of his supporters …as he continues to grow and flourish out of his very unconfident human doubting past self! Of course …to me…this is again the universe creating such a divine situation for me! A new friend with a horse that seems to perfectly fit with Dreamer…which I feel he really wanted and desires too! The other three in our herd ….although definitely his family….just don’t seem to be his idea of a BFF! I so appreciate and love this life! ✌🏼❤️🐴

    P.S. when you post the link on FB I will attach a video and pics of the two of them meeting!

    • May 12, 2019 at 5:37 pm

      That’s such a cool story! The other thing that came to me, is that Dreamer gave Stetson a perfect example/experience of witnessing how THESE humans actually listen to horses. It was no doubt clear from your behaviour and your energy that both you and Zarrie understood Dreamer and Stetson’s messages. And no doubt, Stetson has not experienced much of that in his life. I think this is one of the top trauma-inducing things humans do to horses – most just do not listen, pay attention to, or receive their messages.

      As you wrote, you didn’t ACT on their request, because you chose to stick to your plan. But you definitely received their message and then answered them with, “Tomorrow, for sure.” So Stetson experienced being HEARD and then also receiving a message in response. I’m sure it was very empowering for him.

      Perhaps you should make a deal with Dreamer… bargain with him for the amount of time he gets with Stetson increasing if he can keep his laminitis at bay! Create parameters that feel good/safe-ish to you, but that also give him the opportunity to shift reality if he can.

  • May 12, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Thank you so much Jini, this clarified it a TON for me!!!!

    • May 12, 2019 at 5:38 pm

      Ok great 🙂 If you, or anyone else, wants more depth or explanation of any aspects, just let me know!

  • May 12, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    Hi Jini,
    The story you shared about communicating your desires for Posa with the herd and how they understood the complexity of your request has prompted me to expand my openness to potential communication with our small herd of two–it is an incomplete herd without any mares, but I am hoping to change that soon.

    I enjoy all that you share about your life with the beauties ~ Thank you.

    • May 12, 2019 at 8:31 pm

      Oooh interesting! I look forward to hearing your stories 🙂

      Also, just a heads up to not assume your herd needs mares – but rather, to ask them. And stay open to who the universe brings your way. For example, I’ve read that herds should always be even-numbered, so everyone can partner-up for mutual grooming, and no one gets left out. BUT my herds have always been odd-numbered – in spite of me trying to get an even number happening! So I trust that is divine/herd wisdom for my crew. You’re probably already on this, but just thought I’d mention it, in case. xo

  • May 12, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Thank you, Jini! A fascinating topic. My experience started off with learning horse body language, which then taught me about my own body language, and since it was so effective, I rarely talked verbally with the horses. Simultaneously, I was training in aikido when I had first hand experience of how the thoughts in our head create a physical organization in our body. The body simply expresses them. When the thoughts in the head are congruent with my intentions, then anything that is expressed through my body language will be in alignment and the horses will know exactly who I am, what I am about, and what I would like.

    Today, on occasion I will talk verbally or mentally ask the horses questions in my head, but it is always preceded with an acute awareness of how I feel in my body at that moment, how I am breathing, or not, how the horse is breathing, or not and the dynamic of our physical presence with each other. And if I’m going to say anything effective it needs to be from a grounded, physical body awareness state. Only then can the words be a true expression of everything my body is already saying.

    Where I see the biggest problem in the horse world is when verbal language is not congruent with the physical body. I find this to be the root of many problems people have with horses. The horse usually is responding to their “first” language of body language, and the human is expecting them to respond to their words, never mind that their human body is telegraphing something entirely different.

    The physical body, both ours and the horse’s, is such an amazing antenna. I haven’t done a lot with telepathy consciously, but I did notice on a walk I took with my horse recently to go browse plants, he was wanting to stay next to the road, but there was another favorite spot of his that I wanted to go to. I encouraged him to keep walking, and in my mind I would see the favorite spot, and in my body I walked in a determined way, and in my hands I felt the weight of the lead rope, which told me that he was a bit reluctant yet still willing to go. I knew at any moment he might just plant his feet and eat, but I kept the picture in my mind, the spring in my step and a minute later he was happily eating in his favorite spot. So I guess, yes I do telepathy but it is part of the whole: physical, mental, emotional all in balance working together.

    • May 13, 2019 at 4:44 am

      Love your comment Mary, I feel exactly the same ie. it is part of the whole: physical, mental, emotional all in balance working together.

    • May 13, 2019 at 2:42 pm

      I love that example – thanks so much for sharing it with us! I also like the way you brought out that just because we’re communicating telepathically, doesn’t mean the horse is going to agree, or say yes, or perhaps has a better idea they’re trying to share with us!

  • July 16, 2019 at 2:29 am

    I would love some input on my morning routine with Jarrah and Epona please.
    Each morning they come up to the house paddock fence, I walk to the gate as does J, and let him in for his minerals and extra lucerne and Ep goes up the goat laneway to await hers.
    I feed them this way otherwise she chases Jarrah off his food as he’s the one who really needs the extra hay as he’s still a bit under weight.

    After he’s finished I let him graze awhile in the house paddock then lead him out so as not to put too much pressure on the dwindling pasture (human wisdom at this point)
    I have tried sending him messages about this so I dont have to lead him via neck loop but he loves to stay in and munch away. i would love to have him come of his own accord.

    I have tried waiting at the gate sending mental pics and calling him, he raises his head and looks then continues to graze ha ha! The only times it has been successful without me leading him is when Ep disappears out of sight, he calls her and I go let him out.
    Any ideas on how to get my message across would be most welcome. Thankyou!
    Namaste 🌳🐎
    Ps. I know its my ‘agenda’ but I do have to limit grazing in that paddock as its winter and we dont get winter rain much, ours usually comes in summer months. Also we are still in drought.

    • July 16, 2019 at 2:47 pm

      Well without being there to see/feel what’s happening… it seems from your description that he understands you just fine! He just doesn’t agree.

      Perhaps you could enlist Epona’s help and get her to to disappear when you want him to leave the paddock? She might be more willing since she has nothing to lose 🙂 And then perhaps give her some extra scratches later as a ‘thank you’.

  • July 16, 2019 at 3:01 am

    Also regarding Jarrahs buddies moving on, only Dreamer left last week. I suspect Epona didn’t want to leave J, though I havent yet heard from her owner as to what really transpired when she tried to take them both.
    Anyway its all good as J will call in the best bud for him at the most auspicious time ay!
    What an amazing journey this is! I’m learning so much from everyone.
    Btw I felt your herd rock up when i was meditating a few days ago, it was lovely!
    And today I bumped into another gorgeous horse person in the village and told her about this site, I know she will just love it! So exciting!
    Much love to all xo 🌳🐎

    • July 16, 2019 at 2:53 pm

      Maybe the owner is open to gifting Epona to you so they can stay together? And love that the herd is connecting with you – had a discussion about this the other day with a woman who is an Animal Communicator and Jax kept connecting with her, so she asked my permission – which I guess is standard protocol in the ‘professional’ animal communication world. But I told her that it feels odd/weird to me and kind of a contradiction — are they fully sentient beings, or not? If they are, then they are fully capable and in charge of their energetic/spiritual activities.

      I understand and agree with getting permission on the physical plane. But for prana, reiki, telepathy, etc I feel every being is fully capable of granting or denying access, or, to initiate contact as they desire. Interesting.

  • December 14, 2021 at 10:09 am

    When I was about eight years old we went to pick up a calf from a nearby farm.I was told to stay with the horse when we arrived. After about fifteen minutes I decided I would leave the horse and look to see where the calf was. With that the Horse ( Bob ) put his foot on mine. No pain but I could not release my foot, no matter what I did to Bob. At the same time Bob had the biggest grin on his face I will never forget. He released my foot when my uncle returned.

    • December 15, 2021 at 1:53 am

      ohmygosh I LOVE this!! I can totally see it in my mind’s eye… thanks so much for sharing! xo


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