Horse Listening Changed Both Their Lives

My discussions with this lovely horse listener, Valérie, in Belgium began when she was having issues with her stallion and wondering how/if she was ever going to be able to find a place to board him where he could live any kind of natural life. Of course, she was also wondering whether to geld him and how he felt about that. If you’ve been reading my series on How To Manifest the Land Of Your Dreams, you’ll know that many of us walk this process of frustration, until we can finally get our own place. Here’s her story:


I’ve shared my life with the most incredible Spanish stallion for 5 years now. I never had such a profound and wonderful relationship with a horse before. Campeon and I are best friends, good therapists for each other, almost soulmates, and teachers with a lot of respect, complicity and love.

Campeon and I when he was still a stallion

Campeon was cut off from his natural instincts and he was not expressing himself at all when I got him. My vision about wellbeing for horses is to meet their fundamental needs in the most natural way and develop their natural instincts, so they can be good in their body, mind, and emotions.

So, with ethology, I ‘worked’ with him to let his instincts come back so he could express himself. I also did a lot of animal communication whenever issues occurred. His opinion is super important to me.

As he developed several injuries, I undertook different trainings to be able to cure him with natural healing and animal communication.

The mentality in Belgium is still very closed about equine ethology, communication, along with ethics and wellbeing, but I always felt and acted in a different way with the horses around me… without a logical explanation. I bought a lot of books and I do a lot of courses to help me understand horses a lot better since I’ve had mine.

Also, finding a nice stable where horses can have clean water, hay, friends, a clean stall, and daylight every day was my ongoing challenge…

Since I first got my horse, my dream was to get a house with a big piece of land, find a good friend for him, and organize the field to meet all their fundamental horse needs.

I discovered Jini’s videos and website through my research. Through her work and sharing, I discovered a lot of answers and reasons for my everyday acts that I just did because I felt it was right.

Since our first exchange on the blog, Jini was a great help with advice and experience. She helped me/us to get through a lot of important steps, like castration, herd integration, horse language and a lot more.

After two years of exchanges and support from her, I can finally announce my good news: I moved to my dream house, with a big piece of land for my horse, less than a month ago. I met an amazing pony and he’s the perfect friend for my horse. He’s perfect for me too!

I first organized lots of meetings at liberty for Campeon and the pony to see how they felt about each other. Everything went perfectly
I asked the pony (now called P’tit Pote) if he wants to come with Campeon and me to live at our new house. This was his response.

Since we moved, I keep a big smile on my face, watching them discovering our new place.

Both of my horses gave me the message that they don’t have to worry anymore. They are in good care in a kind of paradise. They both need time with me every day, as they need a little bit more time to feel secure. They feel secure when I’m around them. They are very supportive and are really great help when I’m working with the land. They always want to participate in what I’m doing, to be a part of it.

We go for a walk together every weekend and I organized my terrace so they can come right outside my patio door. They often like to nap there.

Even though I’m inside the house, we can still spend time, or nap together.
Weekend walks together

Also, they want to help people, like Jini’s herd. We do a lot of meditations together and they would like to do it with more people. We are building our own perfect life together. – Valérie S.


When I read Valérie’s story, two things stick out for me: The first is how she so diligently worked to be able to understand her stallion Campeon. She booked a private session with the Singing Horse herd and then took an online course, to increase her animal communication skills. She kept reading and attending various trainings to grow her skillset in both animal communication and natural healing methods. When Campeon got injured, she didn’t just treat his physical body, but went deeper into why he was injured, and what messages he was sending her via his body.

The second aspect is that Val dug deep into her own heart’s desire; what did she really REALLY want, from her deepest heart? And she didn’t give up until she made that happen. She had a lot of difficulty and hassle over the two years before she could manifest her dream house and land, but she didn’t give up. She kept moving forward, listening to her horse, and clearing/healing issues as they arose.

She also set a clear intention for the companion she wanted for Campeon – and allowed that perfect companion to manifest in whatever form was best for her late-gelded horse.

Little & Large = Perfection

I love their story, because when we listen to our horse, our gut, our heart, our intuition… it ultimately leads us somewhere magical and beautiful.

Horse Listening Changed Both Their Lives

7 thoughts on “Horse Listening Changed Both Their Lives

  • September 12, 2021 at 3:39 am

    Such a beautiful story how the three of them found their way home ❤️ ❤️ I thought I already had the land of my dreams, but now I realise I desperately need a patio just like that to share with our herd 😊
    My path has been quite opposite, it took me a while to realise this was the land of my dreams, and that these were the horses of my dreams, and to realise the potential of all of this magnificence we live in the midst of, and now I really now to count my blessings.
    But I was young and had gone trough a lot of traumas and changes when we moved here, so it took me a LONG time to land.
    And of course, choosing the path of holistic horsemanship coming from a more traditional horse world is a long process too. Like Valérie I’m so happy to have found The Singing Horse Herd for support on this journey.

    • September 12, 2021 at 2:04 pm

      Beautiful and true words Sofia. So much of this pathway is INTERNAL, not external or environment-based, although we *think* it is! People thought the land I leased for the herd was gorgeous, amazing, perfect… yet I railed against that land and being there for years! It wasn’t until I FULLY surrendered that I could open to WHY I was being held here, and the work the land needed me to do ( and Juliet). And then the wisdom and the blessings flowed. And of course, it was Kaliah who took that work into warp speed when she told Juliet and I to “go sing to the land.”
      Your land (and your barn!) are absolutely wonderful – but of course, you have your own process/pathway to walk. Namaste sister.

  • September 13, 2021 at 12:02 am

    Yes, it’s been a long and rocky road… So much of it has been blurry and unconscious too, I haven’t really had a vision, just bit by bit getting there as I’ve worked with the land together with the horses. The farm had been left astray before we came here, junk and mud everywhere, and too many horses on too small areas. Our beautiful barn was a shitty stall with boxes… and now I see it as my chapel, and I love seeing the horses move around here and forage, and the biodiversity growing larger and larger as they do so.

    I have also wanted to tell you that I did the tapping sessions you’ve done for Zorra and Cobra for our gelding Gosi and thank you for them.

    Gosi has been ambiguous with me and the other horses, not fully being able to express himself, wobbling a bit between being present, open and in contact, lashing out and/or fleeing, or hiding inside himself. He collects tension easily, needs a lot of space, and for you to hold a lot of calm and secure space for him, and gets scared and traumatized quite easily.

    When I did the tapping sessions for him this summer at first not much seemed to happen, then he ‘got worse’, was acting out a lot and fleeing and being tense a lot of the time. I understood that it was a great thing that he was demonstrating and living out his fears and traumas but I didn’t really know how to deal with it myself. My horsemanship instructor said that it’s a bit like fetching a child from kindergarten that has had a shitty day but hasn’t had the security to show it to anyone and then acts out with you instead, and that I should view it as an act of trust, so that helped a lot.

    Another interesting fact in Gosis’s process: He has benefitted from me watching my horsemanship instructor work with other horses. One summers ago a horse she worked with demonstrated how he showed her his tension and how she could help him release it. I didn’t get this really, until a day or two later Gosi started doing the same thing with me. Then this summer I watched her work with another horse that had learned it was ok to show his anxiety and fears and stress woth her – and now Gosi is doing it with me. This time too, I wasn’t fully aware of the significance of what I had seen with the instructor’s horse before I saw Gosi starting to do the same.

    One of the things Gosi was acting out the strongest after the tapping sessions was feeling trapped in the barn and fleeing from me when I came close to him there. This went on and on… And then one day when he had ‘fled out’ of the barn (he acrtually did that quite calmly) and the other horses remained there with me, I experienced this immense feeling of stillness and calmness when he wasn’t there and realized how much anxiety he was holding. Then I moved into the spot where he likes to eat in the barn and felt that immense anxiety of feeling trapped, and I tried to recognize it and transform it just a little, or just send him my compassion and understanding really.

    And now after all these demonstrations he is much calmer, more in contact, more relaxed and content, and he even has started to neigh when I come sometimes.

    In the pictures you see the lead mare in their forest and the gelding in their barn. Thank you again!

    • September 17, 2021 at 10:33 pm

      What an amazing journey Sofia! I love how willing you are to lean in and walk the pathways with your horses. And of course, their healing is your healing 🙂

      Do you know Gosi’s history? Has he been locked in stalls for long periods? That might be the source of the anger/rage and trapped feelings… you could tap on that specifically for him.

      It never ceases to amaze me that so many humans, who honestly love their horse, think it’s okay to lock them in a cage (aka stall) that doesn’t even meet zoo standards!

    • September 17, 2021 at 10:34 pm

      I can feel/see his intensity here – you could just start tapping on the emotions you feel when you stand with him, or, stand where he normally stands and tune in…

  • September 20, 2021 at 5:30 am

    Thank you, Jini, I’ll give it a try ❤️ Would be so wonderful to undertand him a bit better and help him untangle a few more knots! Not easy with all the projections and baggage between us though 🙏🏽


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