Makah-Mahpee Asks: Why Aren’t You Using Me to Help You?

Makah-Mahpee was a wild stallion born and living out on the range in Vernon, BC, Canada – just north of First Nations Reserve land. He was culled from the herd at 3 years old and driven onto the meat buyers truck. Instead, the truck driver diverted to BC Horse Angels where the owner, Belinda Lyall, matched the slaughter house price for the horses on board.

Makah, Kaliah, and Siyone were among those horses. And at the time, Kaliah was pregnant with Xadaa and Siyone was pregnant with Posa. At first we thought it best to have Makah castrated at the rescue, but he absolutely refused to be touched and there was no vet around who would castrate a wild horse that wasn’t halter trained.

Makah-Mahpee the morning after he arrived at my place

I sent a trailer for him and miraculously, he left his herdmates and got on the trailer all by himself (!) to come to my place. My idea was that he would spend a few weeks settling in and gradually allowing me to put a halter on him and then we could call the vet.

However, his idea was a wee bit different. The day after he arrived, he told me to call the vet to do the castration. Believe me, I tried to talk him out of it! But he insisted, “I can’t stand being penned another minute! Let’s get this over with so I can get out in the field with the other horses as quickly as possible.” He made me pull out my cellphone and call the vet right then and there.

The vet was able to come the very next day and used a blow dart to sedate him enough to be able to get close to him, lasso him, and then get a halter on him. However, it took two days to castrate Makah-Mahpee because he would not surrender. As I drove away in the dark the evening of the second day (already late for an awards ceremony for my hubby), I was so exasperated with Makah! I asked, “WHY did you tell me to call the vet if you didn’t want this done??” He replied, “Oh I know it has to be done. But there’s no honor if I don’t fight with everything I’ve got.” Lord almighty… fine! Warrior pony.

Castration Day #1 – Drugged to the gills but still resisting

The day I adopted Makah-Mahpee from the rescue, along with Kaliah and Siyone, I asked him what his name was? Or, what name did he want? He called my attention to his two eyes; one blue and one brown, “I want a name that represents my ability to cross dimensions.” Alrighty then! It took me almost two weeks, but I finally found Makah-Mahpee – which is Sioux for Earth-Sky. Only recently, I learned the Lenape tribe regarded people born with blue/brown eyes as magic/medicine people – because their eyes represented their ability to see both worlds.

Makah finally free and out with the herd after his castration

Now Makah-Mahpee has been with me almost two years. He is one of my favorite peeps and continually initiates games or explorations with me – out in the field, into the forest (leaving the entire herd behind), on and off the horse trailer – and still does not want to be touched.

He does enjoy touching my hand with his muzzle in greeting – proper greetings are very important to him. And he will eat food from my hand – he understands that sometimes we have to be quick before the other horses get all the organic orange peels, lettuce or watermelon peels that I’m handing out from the ‘compost’ bag I bring from home.

But on this day, with the extreme uncertainty of our time swirling around us, he looked at me as I was leaving and asked, “Why are you not using me to help you cross dimensions and access the deeper knowledge – so you can make better decisions?”

Doh! Yes, sometimes I am that dense.

Through sending me what I call ‘thought packages’ – which are a mix of word-ideas, pictures and multi-dimensional concepts – this is the meditation he invited me to do:

Makah-Mahpee Meditation

Lie or sit down comfortably.

In your left hand, hold something that represents the Earth to you.

In your right hand, hold something that represents the Sky.

Now focus on deepening your breath as you chant, like a mantra: Makah-Mahpee… Makah-Mahpee… Makah-Mahpee (pronounced Mah-kah-Mah-pey) over and over until it becomes a rhythm, until the words become their own type of breath.

Continue for as long as you wish, but at least 5-10 minutes

Note: Have a pen and paper nearby, so that as soon as you come out of the meditation, you can write down any thoughts, impressions, feelings, or anything that occurred.


I went home and did the meditation after my shower, lying across my bed. I held a piece of ocean rock from the beach in Akumal, Mexico (that made me walk back and pick it up) in my left hand. The ocean has worn grooves that fit my palm, fingers and thumb perfectly and it is smooth and soft to the touch. In my right hand I held a shard of rock crystal that looks like a lightning bolt and is the exact blue of Makah’s blue eye.

I went very deep, very quickly and when I came back to being present in the room I said to myself, “That is amazing. That was so cool! I must write that down.” I got up to pee and by the time I walked back to my bed my mind was a blank! I knew that something truly profound happened that I wanted to remember, but it was now gone and has stayed gone.

So then I told Kesia about this meditation gift from Makah and I told her to make sure to have pen and paper right there! She did, and here’s what she got from Makah:

{Note: I strongly suggest you do your own meditation first, before reading Kesia’s, so you can experience it clean}




“I immediately connected to the Sioux and the Standing Rock movement, which connected me back to the Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan, showed me the vast network of pan-indigenaeity that has always existed but has been strengthened to a new intensity across the world as political organising and this next wave of indigenous uprising has grown exponentially.

That then connected to every person on the entire planet working in service of the earth (and sky). Together with every animal, we form an intricate web of light with infinite connections spreading across the earth and reaching into the heavens. We feel, breathe, move, drum, sing, work as one being.

Next, Makah entered into my body and aligned his face with mine, his eyes – he said “you must always see with two eyes” and I felt one brown and one blue, regarding both the earthly experience and the celestial dance at the same time, with equal value, and deeply informative of each other. I had the impression I am supposed to keep practicing that part, and/or to call the horse into my body when I need this perspective.”

YOU are one of these glowing spots of light!

Kesia’s vision of us and the animals forming “an intricate web of light with infinite connections spreading across the earth and reaching into the heavens” is exactly the picture the herd has been sending me since I shot the tapping video for us. And that this is why it is so important for each of us to connect to Source and grow our light energy and push it out to take up space on this planet! There is a tremendous synergy when we view this as a practice/discipline and we do it throughout the day. I do it whenever I hear anything negative or fearful. I do it whenever the thought of it pops into my head. I do it whenever I’m walking along the earth, or out with the herd, or with my dogs. I do it lying in bed or in the bath.

If you don’t have a favorite practice for connecting to Source and bringing that energy through your body, then feel free to use the Tree Love Connection. Next week I’ll be giving you another practice the horses asked me to film – something Montaro taught me and made me practice over and over for two years. I remember asking him, “What are you drilling me for? What’s going to happen that I will need this?” Well I’ve needed it a few times since then and this is yet another one.

My friend Juliet also did the Makah-Mahpee Meditation and said, “I had an awesome meditation/learning with Makah around his dream walker/interdimensional traveler process. The message was to link into him, into his energetic being and to journey with him and literally look through his eyes and see what he sees as he travels. His left eye revealing what could be/what is possible, and his right eye revealing what IS in the present moment. Super cool.”

At the same time, she kept receiving visits from a spider:

“I have had a spider keep visiting me and trying to climb on me. My sense is that her message is on the importance of active participation in building the web of the New Way, the new paradigm of reality. We need to be consciously engaged in the process of creating it right now! Those of us that are awake. This is our job.

It is why we are linked into this network at this moment in time. Such a good reminder that sometimes the work is external and visible, and sometimes it is internal/energetic. We are literally weaving the blueprint of the future…”

YES! Yes. This is a calamity, or a portal… we get to choose.

I believe that one of the TOP gifts of this quarantine experience is for us to be given an opportunity to take a deep look at the life we’re living (in all its aspects) and ask ourselves, “Is this really where/how/what I want to be?”

Conditions on our planet are not going to change quickly enough for this to be our last go-round. I consider Covid-19 a dress-rehearsal. That is the gift. When the next one comes and it is likely to be more severe, if we start visioning/planning now, we can make sure we’re living the life we want, rather than trapped in a life that doesn’t serve us, or meet our deepest needs, when the next one comes… and the next one… rinse/repeat.

I remember doing a teleseminar a decade ago with Dr. Gabor Maté (bestselling author of the fabulous book, When The Body Says No) and I said, but I can’t just move, I can’t– He said, “If someone put a gun to your head and said MOVE, you’d move.’ That’s been my gold standard ever since.

So yes, I’m living in the now and doing what I can and helping/being of service, but my BIG energy/focus is going into creating a step-by-step, chunked-down plan for how to get from where I currently am, to where/how I want to be when the next one hits. It’s like a giant, universal wake-up call.

In a way it’s kind of ironic – because my life has changed very little if you look at metrics like my daily activities and movements. But energetically I feel the importance/gift of this experience and as I deep-dive into that, I realize that I must move faster, break it down into step-by-step actions points, and implement.

It took me until 2 weeks ago to get clear on the vision (the horses started working intensely with me on the vision/plan when quarantine first began) – which then took 10 more days to become clear to my husband. We implemented the first step yesterday.

Each of us has a life path, strewn with possibilities… what does your deepest self wish to co-create? Makah-Mahpee offers to assist us in this process of seeking our deepest wisdom; the wisdom that spans realms, that encompasses paradoxes, that integrates the masculine and feminine.

If you do this meditation and feel like sharing your experience, I would love to hear about it…

p.s. I did this meditation two more times. The third time I held a quartz crystal in my left hand and a white turkey feather in my right hand. All 3 times I lay down – which is weird for me as I almost always meditate in lotus position. All 3 times I felt like I left the time-space continuum and journeyed elsewhere, and all 3 times I had no memory of what happened. Sometimes our conscious mind does not need to be involved in deep work 🙂

Makah-Mahpee Asks: Why Aren’t You Using Me to Help You?

30 thoughts on “Makah-Mahpee Asks: Why Aren’t You Using Me to Help You?

  • April 19, 2020 at 7:28 am

    Aho! WE are all relatives! Ever since you first introduced us all to Makhaa Mahpee I have looked forward to see how and what he was bringing to this work. And after our beloved Montaro and the boys took off North ( also the connecting place to other dimensons!), I felt something with Makhaa’s role was ripening. A shaman of his tribe. In meditation his name chanting is a drumming into trance journey. Trotting steadily deeply. We greeted each other formally- like you say!- and I see and hear this is a Teacher of some note who has taken horse form this round. He asked me to walk with him in the space between the worlds, across the rainbow bridge (recalling the double rainbows that have been mentioned among many lightholders recently!) connecting to my grandmother and other loved ones in the spirit world. “Our ancestor healers, wisdom keepers and teachers are very much with us in these days.” In the rhythm of the chant it moved from an emphasis on ‘mahpee’- sky , to then the earth-makham’ ( which by the way is also in another language the word for spiritual state or station- our inner earth place). “Ground your spirit. Hold strong your love-knowledge with impeccability” most important. Thank you Makhaa Mahpee and Thank you Jini for taking care of these loving teachers.


    • April 22, 2020 at 1:07 am

      Thank you Hilary. I LOVE that: “our inner earth place”. Gonna remember that one for sure! I’m going to try the meditation with my husband drumming for me soon – will be interesting to see how that feels, to combine the two drums!

      Gorgeous tree – I viewed it with my Flux app running and it turned it super sparkly and twinkly 🙂

      • December 27, 2020 at 11:40 pm

        Hilary and Jini, maybe it’s my artistic imagination working overtime (looking at the patterns in the bark) but within the bulge to the right of the tree I see a horse’s head. It is looking directly down to the ground. The dark shadow highlights the forehead as it travels down to the muzzle. There is a mid-grey coloured dot that is the eye and a well defined cheek area. There is a vertical shadow that separates the upper and lower jaws. The horse even has a short shaggy mane. There is a slightly out of focus curve of bark that is almost like someone’s hand going down to hold the horse’s muzzle.

  • April 19, 2020 at 8:53 am

    I held Cuprite/Chrysocolla and Mookaite in my left and a herkimer diamond and moldavite in my right hand. I was sitting up and eventually my hands wanted to be in a gyan mudra – I was looking at the tip of my nose, because it didn’t feel right to keep my eyes closed. The timer happened to stop at 11:11 minutes, so that is what I did.
    This is what I wrote down afterwards…unedited:
    I traveled from beyond this
    Light form, light years through
    The Nothing.
    Coalescing into an embodied
    Beingness on this plane
    Between matter and spirit.
    I am here to assist
    And experience the
    Alchemy of sound
    Made into form through
    The dance of sunlight on
    My soulstar.
    I am here to remind you
    That all of you have an
    Individual path to embodiment.
    Some of these paths overlap and
    Exist in joyous co-creation with
    Some are more solitary, with
    Moments of overlap.
    It all plays out as a
    Weaving warp and weft of
    Crystalline Love
    Love allowed to take form and
    Blossom into reaches of
    Eternally imagined anew
    Everything is holy
    Everything is present to serve
    The Love, the OneLove
    Expressing through you.

    The meditation itself felt warm and billowing, traversing many layers, it seemed. In my body different sensations of opening breath – horse herds communicating across space and time.

    Thank you, Makah-Mahpee ❤️🙏🏽❤️

    • April 22, 2020 at 12:59 am

      That is BEAUTIFUL Christina! There’s more than a few pieces I could pull out and quote as my faves… perhaps Makah will give us some video footage this summer that we can pair with your writing as a video-poem. That would be wonderful xox

  • April 19, 2020 at 9:16 am

    Thank-you for your wonderful content. I came across your You Tube channel one day not so long ago and have now watched many of your videos. At the time I was needing help connecting to my pony and another (agistment) horse in the field where he lives. That is another story, but it is tangled up in how I was lead to you and your videos.
    So I wanted to thank-you because from you, I have learnt so much about the relationship I share and have with these two creatures, and my intuitive interactions with them during the time we spend together. We too are in isolation and my routine has not changed much at all, if any. But I am taking the time to be more mindful and attentive to the ways of just ‘being’, and see the world with fresh eyes, and see my part in it as well. Daily, I believe, we are all learning from each other across space and time, and in a calm and open manner which has been very beneficial.
    As for the recent video you posted, I would also like to express what I saw in the meditation with a little more detail. I’m sorry if this is ending up being a long read. I thought you may be interested in what I saw. I did post in the comments on the You Tube channel, but only briefly.
    Although the meditation was short, it was powerful. As I held my calcite wand and my found feather, I immediately saw Makah-Mahpee walk into my vision – straight on, and towards me. He stopped and showed me his broad chest. His eyes were very focused and piercing upon me with intent for me to see. His chest colour was white there was no other colour there as he is now, Down his white chest I saw lines appearing – they were black in colour and they looked as if a giant bear had clawed down him both left and right side – and I was startled – but he told me to look closely, and they were not wounds – they were markings – they were symbols. And then turning to the side he showed me another round symbol on his hind flank and then I noticed a round circle around his blue eye. Then the scenery changed behind him and we were on a grassy plain which rose from red earth. In the distance there were large red flat topped hills divided by a long valley which stretched many miles up to a mountain in the distance. Then another horse appeared – a big chestnut – and they began to gallop together along the plain. I was with them as they strode effortlessly with great speed for about a minute, covering many miles as they took turns in leading the way. Then they stopped and looked up the valley to the mountain. Then a hawk appeared flying high overhead. Then the meditation finished, and I opened my eyes.
    Once I had grounded myself back into my room, I wrote the meditation down. I also wondered where I had been taken. I am from Australia and in 1993 I did my vision quest in Arizona for 3 months. I went riding in Monument valley, so I was familiar with the red earth and the mountains – but the meditation was not giving me the impression that I was there, as the grasses were different – long thin and waving in the breeze – and it was not desert as such.
    I appreciated so much the time Makah-Mahpee spent with me and for allowing me to see such a powerful vision and expression of himself, and also the accompaniment of the Chestnut who joined us.
    I watched your video again also, and not to intruded, but please thank him from me, and I also feel the need to ask you about the symbols – for now I still see that he has symbols on his body.
    Wishing you a peaceful day in these times with much strength, health, beauty and power.
    Many thanks –

    • April 20, 2020 at 1:44 pm

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience 🙂 I think the symbols are for you to discern. When you sit quietly and tune into the symbols – maybe try to draw them in your journal first – see what emotions, images, stories come to you – maybe the symbols are about Makah, but maybe they are about you, or your life journey. They may be signs of what is, or what needs to happen/become.

      It’s interesting that you’ve already been to Arizona – I have seen the terrain you describe way down south in a region called Sonoita. There are pockets there which have grasslands. And there’s an area in Patagonia where you can hike through 4-5 distinct ecosystems in 2 days – you start at typical Arizona scrub and then by the time you get to the top, you’re in Canada! It’s my favorite region in Arizona. Here’s a link to get you started:

      I think Sedona up North, and the drive North to Preston also has some grassy plain areas. But for some reason, your vision reminds me (energetically) of a place in Nevada called The Valley of Fire (see the video):

      Thanks again for sharing!

      • April 29, 2020 at 2:53 am

        Hi Jini, Sorry for a late response, and thank-you for the link to Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve – and the Valley of Fire – stunning, amazing and beautiful landscapes. I did a further research also as there was a link to the birds in the area and I think the bird I saw was similar to a Cooper’s Hawk

        Also, thank-you for the suggestions to look at the symbols as they apply to me. I did a re-connection meditation and it was Makah-Mahpee I spoke with at first, and asked what do the claw symbols on your chest mean – and how do they relate to me? I was told ‘Walks with Bears’. I laughed and said ‘Don’t you mean run with Bears’. Apparently that wasn’t the best response LOL – I got a definite NO – its Walks with Bears! I was then shown a drum frame I own (I was given when in Sedona). Currently there is no skin on the drum but, in the vision I imagined a painting of a horse and a bear walking in the pine forest with the Symbols painted on them. The Bear has a white ring around his eye, and a hoof mark on his chest. So this is the design which will use when I re-skin the drum. I have never thought of re-skinning the drum because I could never choose a design to paint on it. I will sit in ceremony and paint the drum, and when I have finished I will send through a picture to you. I might be months before this happens, but it will be done when it is time to do it. Thankyou Jini and Makah-Mahpee, and Bear. My first drumming will be in gratitude to the Blessings you have brought me. Many thanks!

        • April 29, 2020 at 4:04 pm

          O.M.G. what utter deliciousness this is!!! YES! I cannot wait to see a picture of your new drum 🙂 And how fitting that the one whose name sounds like a drumbeat needs to be on your drum! Interesting colors on that Cooper’s hawk photo – the way the breast and eye are orange… which for me has always been the color of change. Perhaps the hawk will be perched nearby as your horse and bear walk.

          Makah has interesting names for people… one day he told me Guliz’s name (to him) is Soft-Hard. My daughter’s name is Water Lady (she was born underwater and looks like dolphin when she swims – fish gather round her, etc). What I asked him what my name was, he looked at Kaliah, then looked at me, then looked at Kaliah… it’s like we were so much the same he was having difficulty distinguishing between us. He’s a super cool dude.

          • April 30, 2020 at 11:35 pm

            Yes, this conversation and sharing has really filled me with a sense of connection. I am so grateful. Thank-you for the prompt – I think its a great idea to include Cooper’s Hawk in the painting. Change is the necessary dynamic for the drum to bring about. I love it.
            And how wonderful Makah is at giving names. He has a whole vocabulary which expresses his experiences and interpretations. This is such a special gift he has. I’m so happy that a few steps into a meditation has taken me so far.
            And it would be wonderful to see and hear a Summer video with Christina’s poetry to accompany footage with Makah. Look forward to seeing that. Thank-you!
            Deleece x

  • April 21, 2020 at 5:17 am

    Nice experience & thank you for sharing.

  • May 3, 2020 at 4:07 am

    OMG….. Hello Jini and everyone who has either commented about the mediation experience with Makah…..I will share my experiences later, I’m too excited on my realization of why this herd is together and intertwined….. I’ll just give the one example, that flashed into my minds eye! It come to me as soon as Deleece mentioned “the Cooper Hawk”…….. I’m so elated that Makah shared this with me!!!! Ok, are ya ready??? Look at Xadaa’s forehead…… what do you see???? We always said it was a bird, eagle or hawk…. i NOW KNOW WITH CERTAINTY, that it is a Coopers Hawk!!!! It’s perfectly perched, right in the middle of the herd!!!! Do you see it, Do you feel it!!!!! I’m truly blown away, even though I shouldn’t be, because nothing that the herd does, anymore…. surprises me, but this does and it fits so naturally within the dynamic of who they are and why they are here!!!! Wow!!!! THANK YOU MAKAH!!!!! Light and Love!!! Stay Safe and Be Well! ;;)Lauren from Utah!!!

    • May 3, 2020 at 3:35 pm

      Well Lauren you just may be right about that! Some people see an eagle when they look at Xadaa, but I have always seen a hawk. I googled to see which hawks live in our area and sure enough Coopers Hawk is one of them:

      We also have 120 year old Douglas Fir on this property (see preferred habitat). Hawks have often flown overhead during energetic/spiritual experiences or discussion out here. I will pay close attention to see if we can discern which type of hawk lives here… I’ll let you know! I also found this which has a lot of good pictures of Coopers Hawk:

      • May 3, 2020 at 5:50 pm

        Hi Lauren & Jini, what a great realisation Lauren – such an exciting story! The links were great too Jini, thank-you. I hope you can identify any hawks that come to visit your property.
        I found this video which shows the hawk in the forest and you can hear his call. The video was made from a bird watcher who seems to have a great love for our feathered friends. Enjoy!

        • May 3, 2020 at 8:27 pm

          I couldn’t distinguish his call from the others… but for anyone else watching, he finds the hawk at 4:26 minutes. I swear that hawk knew s/he’d been sighted!

          And that video led me to this video which shows exactly how to identify the difference between a Sharp-shinned and Coopers hawk… wish me luck!!

          What is very interesting to me in the video you posted Deleece, is the guy says it’s hard to tell the difference between a Coopers hawk and Pileated Woodpecker – which had been confusing the heck out of me! I asked hawk to show me his call, so he flew over me and called out several times. I tried to mimic it and call back and he called a few more times to help me practice. So I felt like I knew it fairly well. Then, a couple months later, I hear this call and it sounds SO MUCH like the hawk, but yet… slightly off. When I tried to zoom my phone camera in on the bird, it was too small to be a hawk, so then I was confused – HOW could the call be so similar?? Well, mystery solved! Thank you 🙂

  • May 5, 2020 at 2:18 am

    WOW! Thank-you for the new video – the information is great! I think you’re right Jini – the Hawk noticed it was being watched and took off. Amazing. I took many screenshots from the video so that when I paint my Coopers Hawk I have complete definitions about their species – the tail feathers are rounded and that they have a cap on their head not a bonnet 🙂
    What I thought also was ‘WOW’ was that the Juvenile Coopers Hawk has vertical markings down its chest! When they’re older they turn into bands and they then get that red eye about them. I have realised that my painting will contain many different coloured eyes – Makeh (topaz blue), Bear (tigers eye golden brown) Hawk (red fire opal).
    And the calls you hears Jini are so similar. I had a listen to these audio grabs of each bird, and if they weren’t within eye shot I can see the trouble of trying to distinguish them.
    What a great journey this is!

    Coopers Hawk call audio:

    Pileated Woodpecker call audio:

    • May 7, 2020 at 2:25 am

      Double WOW! Those audios are amazing – thank you so much! and holy crapsters are those calls ever similar… I think the main difference I can distinguish is the Pileated woodpecker is missing the hard “C” at the beginning of the call.

      However, neither of those calls are what I heard as the hawk flew over me, so now I’m really confused! I used that site to listen to both the Sharp-Shinned and the Northern Goshawk and neither is what I heard. So now wondering if it was a hawk after all, or…?? Okay wait, after half an hour of listening to hawk calls on that wonderful site – the one I heard is closest to this Red-Shouldered Hawk:

      But with the length/cadence of this Red-tailed hawk:

      Of course, I would not be surprised if there were several hawk species on this property as I have definitely heard the Coopers (or Pileated woodpecker!) many times. My friend Juliet can distinguish between different species of woodpecker and she is always telling me which is which (because it’s still hard for me).

      One time I was walking down the side of the property and TWO owls flew right in front of me and perched on the trees right beside me – honestly, this property is bird paradise 🙂

      I can’t wait to see a picture of your drum when you’re finished – if you can’t upload it here, please email it to me!

  • May 5, 2020 at 2:20 am

    +OOps – Makah (not Makeh) 🙂

  • May 6, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Hello😊 Everyone’s experiences are so beautiful!! In my hands I held a rock that I collected from the grand canyon to represent earth and in my other a rock I found when I was hiking in the Kootenays. In the middle of the night there was an insane thunder storm that seemed to last forever and so we looked outside out tents and the the sky had lit up bright red at 1am!! I found a neon red rock in the early morning after that has always reminded me of the power of the sky. This was my experience!

    As I fell deeper and deeper into this meditation, I felt as though my physical body began sinking into the earth as my mind began to rise. As I sang his name it pushed me to stand with the awareness of the the interconnection between everything on earth, and I got a picture of me gazing deep into the ocean and how all the life inside it reflected back into my eyes, just as the ocean reflects the life of the sky. Showing me that the more we reflect the infinite love the universe holds, the more it will be reflected back to us, and that we are the manifests of our tomorrows. It made me think about the universal field of consciousness that surrounds us and the pure, unbounded light energy that is always available for us to connect with and tap into. How much wisdom we can gather as we tune into the different frequencies that inhabit this word as well as different dimensions. When we ground ourselves and connect, our minds are lifted past the universe and past the sky. Breaking borders some of us has held so tightly as then we will be able to fly and flow and learn from all that is outside this world and our current existence🦋

    • May 7, 2020 at 2:31 am

      I love that you used a rock to represent the sky! As above, so below 🙂 What a beautiful experience – it is one thing to read about something like this and quite another to viscerally experience it.

      Your meditation reminds me of something Caroline Myss wrote recently:

      “Yesterday I never really thought about my energy field or that my thoughts really do attract companion thoughts. But today, now, I imagine only activity swirling around me like sparks of sacred light. I’m a sparkler that can start endless fires of activity with just a thought, or a word, or a whisper of my energy. I am all that power, and something in me always knew that.

      No wonder I found decision so overwhelming. What fire did I want to start? Where should I direct the sparks of my life? Would I
      start big fires or little ones? Fires require air, and all that air comes from the great soul of humanity. We breathe it together.

      No secrets have we from each other. So what I figured out is that I require the breath of all beings to animate the sparks I set into motion, and I breathe with all living beings. We are the light, or we engage the darkness.”

  • May 12, 2020 at 8:56 am

    I have tried the meditation a few times: here is my experiences with Makah-Mahpee. Here is my story.

    pic:  Makah-Mahpee_Inge_20200512.pdf

    • May 13, 2020 at 1:32 am

      A precious story of connection with your friend, Annah. My prayer and thoughts are with you. Thank-you for sharing your meditations.

    • May 13, 2020 at 2:24 am

      Hi Annah – what incredible experiences and how fantastic that Makah-Mahpee, who moves between worlds, was able to take you to your friend. Who was likely stuck between this world and oneness. It sounds like you helped her transition.

      And in your account, it looks to me like you’ve already answered your question about what kind of being Inge is now:

      “Composed of stars and galaxies as cells in her body. An aether like body, a note of blue and red, with white linings on the wings(?) or garment.”

      And no, Makah has not told any of us about other people’s journeys with him… I can’t see why he would need or want to…

      However, I think as we allow other beings to express the fullness of who they are and we receive/utilize/welcome their giftings, we help to empower them.

      A few days ago I opened up the back pasture – where a LOT of coyotes live and the occasional bobcat. They wouldn’t go back there last year without Montaro. But this year, Montaro is up north with Kesia, so I didn’t know what would happen or if they would go back there at all.

      But as I walked back there, bringing both dogs for added protection for them, who was the first one, leading the herd across the creek? Makah-Mahpee! With Aude right behind him and Kaliah bringing up the rear of all 8 horses. I have never seen him step into a place of leadership before.

      I believe as all of us have honored his gifting/purpose and requested his help/presence, we have enabled him to go to new level of empowerment.

      p.s. dizziness often happens to people who work with this herd!

      I have another meditation that Montaro taught me that I’ll be sharing in the next month or so. I think you’ll get a lot out of that one too 🙂

      And thanks so much for sharing your story – very cool and I enjoyed it a lot.

  • May 25, 2020 at 10:22 am

    I just found your work this weekend, and I absolutely love it. I used your Makha-Mahpee meditation this morning and found the name of my sanctuary I am starting. The name didn’t come during the meditation, but as I was out pulling weeds one of the red-tails that nest here and are part of my family flew right over me as they always do and called. I looked up and said the mantra. Then his mate flew to him and circled above me. My husband passed on almost two years ago and red-tails were/are our connection. So when the mate flew in and they circled above me the name Two Red-Tails Sanctuary came. Then one flew back over me and just above the house did an incredibly beautiful dive toward it. I just cried at the beauty of it. My sanctuary will be a combination of preserved land for wildlife, a large flight building for my local wildlife rehabilitation center to start and space for my old cow I saved who just calved a beautiful little heifer and horses (and really whatever the Universe sends my way). I love energy work, am a Reiki Master and just starting wot work with animals. There is much more to the stories of the old cow and red-tails but to keep it short I will end here. Thank you for sharing your work!

    • May 25, 2020 at 3:38 pm

      OMG Robin – it doesn’t get any better than this!! Literally. How supremely fabulous and of course your sanctuary name is perfection.

      I love your vision for it and the mix of rescue, rehab and species/land biodiversity preservation – what a paradise you are calling into existence. So thrilled for you! xox

      • May 26, 2020 at 11:14 am

        Dear friend of Makah-Mahpee
        I did a meditation some days later, night time.
        Makah-Mahpee came for me and we traveled with in a slow gallop, no haste this time, but there was a goal. We came closer to this stout North American Indian, a warrior, a medicine man. He could be old or young, I recognized him, and cried out of relief(?).
        He had been standing there on this prairie for the longest time. Watching, alert, silent, waiting.
        I somehow understood him, the communication was short, I got the message, nothing more, no small talk.
        He let me see this blackness, darkness that will come from the northwest, like a swift thunderstorm with winds, heavy rain and hail.
        This darkness will come and go away again.
        He would not leave that place, he is still waiting out there. He is waiting for this to happen. I got this vision or knowledge and then he returned into silence again.

        • May 28, 2020 at 11:07 pm

          Dear Annah, I went to your webpage and my overwhelming reaction to your photo was the desire to hug you! You are working some serious god-energy as it is just flowing out from even your photo!

          What a powerful experience you had, I could see everything you described. I wonder what your relief indicated? I wonder what role his placeholding serves? Perhaps to hold the space for the darkness and then its passing… Perhaps he is the spaceholding for all those who will assist in transmuting the darkness into light… Thank you for sharing this xo

  • September 27, 2020 at 1:06 am

    Update from the Indian Medicineman. Recently I have started inviting to group meditations in Rishikesh, yes, I live here.
    I am doing guided meditations. A few weeks ago I got the urge to send the meditators, the travelers, to the prairie where the Watcher is standing. I have made one recording and put on my YouTube channel, Pondering Consciousness. It is my intension to make an extended version, and as per usual all sorts of practical issues delays the recording.
    Makah-Makpee has been the inspiration and the Spirit animal in his many forms for me the last months. This is our way to send back strength and energy to all beings, for the Benefit of All Beings.

    • September 28, 2020 at 6:25 pm

      That’s fantastic Annah. I love that you’re going deeper and deeper with him. Very powerful.


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