Equine Mystery Lump/Growth Remedy

As I wrote in my earlier post, my Belgian mare, Audelina developed a raised growth or lump on her chest, about the diameter of a nickel. My friend, Dr. Juliet, felt it was viral, or tumor-like in origin.

The lump/growth on Aude’s chest

When I energetically tuned into Aude and her lump, I felt that it was related to losing her son, Juno, a year ago. Juno had chosen (off-lead, full choice) to get on the trailer with his Dad and Uncle Jax and head 750 miles north to my friend Kesia’s ranch on 500 acres of BC wilderness (adventure!). Aude chose not to go.

The day they left, Mama Audelina grieved on the spot of pasture where she could look at the trailer loading spot, as it pulled away, but also see the rest of the herd at the slowfeeders. The next day when I arrived, she was back in that spot, with Zorra and Posa on either side supporting her – not eating for as long as Aude didn’t eat. As I rubbed Aude’s belly and cried with her, she released in yawns, farts, licking and chewing.

There were a few more episodes of processing or expressing grief as the year went on, but now it felt like all her grief had coalesced into this tumor-like lump right under her heart. So I did an acupressure Lazer Tapping session with her to release the grief (for both her and Juno), as well as treating the physical body.

Although an issue or dis-ease in the body may be spiritual, emotional or energetic in origin, once it manifests into the physical cells and tissues, I find it best to treat all the levels of self; mind/body/spirit.

Here’s the physical remedy and herbs I used to help heal Aude’s lump in 6 weeks.

Mystery Lump Remedy

DMSO/wild oregano mixture, castor oil transferred to easy-use small glass bottle, hog bristle paintbrush – super cheap from any craft store

– Coat lump with mixture of 75% wild oregano oil and 25% DMSO (note: NOT essential oil of oregano – click that link for good brands)
– Then coat lump with layer of cold-pressed castor oil

These are substances that I’ve worked with extensively in my natural formulas for healing human gut diseases (in case you’re wondering how I came up with this treatment). If you don’t want to apply the remedy with your finger, you can use a natural-bristle paintbrush (don’t use plastic with DMSO) or a cotton swab (make sure it’s cotton, not synthetic).

Also be sure to mix and store your formula in a glass dropper bottle – not plastic.

The castor oil is important for it’s action on the tissue, but also to soothe the sting/itchiness of the wild oregano/DMSO formula – so don’t do one without the other, or your horse may not let you apply it a second time!

Squeeze a few drops of DMSO/wild oregano remedy onto the paintbrush (or your finger)
Brush remedy onto the lump or growth
Now drop some castor oil onto the brush (or your finger) and apply that to the lump/growth

Note: When applying remedies, always keep your remedy (oil, salve, cream etc) clean – don’t dip your finger or brush into the remedy.

At the same time, Aude asked for herbs (taken orally) to support her healing – luckily I still had quite a variety on hand from my last bulk order, and I simply asked her what she wanted each day. The first day, she asked for 2.5 cups of neem leaf! This is a very nasty-tasting plant and can also be used as an anti-parasitic. Aude asked me to douse the neem with organic cold-pressed flax oil – and she ate every bit.

Organic neem leaf
Adding LOTS of cold-pressed flax oil until the neem is well-coated
Flax oil and neem leaf mixed well together and a handful of pure alfalfa pellets thrown in to make it a bit easier to get down!

Immediately after eating the neem, she asked for a mixture of comfrey, lemon balm, marshmallow, calendula (about 2.5 cups total) with some alfalfa pellets and flax oil. She polished that off too.

Aude likes me to rub all the leaves off the dried calendula flowers
Herbs, alfalfa pellets, and flax oil all mixed together

The next day I gave her the 2.5 cups of neem leaf soaked with flax again, but she only ate half of it and then Siyone ate the rest. We did the Lazer Tapping session on this day too.

Two days later, I gave her 1 cup marshmallow, 1 cup comfrey, 3/4 cup lemon balm, handful of dried calendula flowers, 1 tsp spirulina, 2 tbsp seaweed and lots more cold-pressed organic flax oil.

We continued with herbs every few days or so – whenever she asked for them. And applied the formula once per day. Sometimes I would miss a day or two. I wasn’t worried as I knew the tapping session was the real work, the origin of this dis-ease in the physical body.

Three weeks later, the lump was less than half the size. It felt like it could heal on it’s own now, so I only applied the formula when Aude specifically asked for it – her body knows what’s best. Two weeks after that, the lump was almost flush with the skin and the only thing that remained was that the skin felt rough and scaly for another two weeks – easily remedied with just a layer of castor oil whenever Aude requested it.

p.s. If you recognize this remedy, it’s because we’ve used it before – to heal hoof abscess.

Aude with her herd

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Equine Mystery Lump/Growth Remedy

6 thoughts on “Equine Mystery Lump/Growth Remedy

  • October 4, 2020 at 4:13 am

    Thank you Jini. I’ve ordered these products from your website and will follow self selection principles of course. It feels right for what one if the mares in our herd needs.

    • October 4, 2020 at 12:58 pm

      Yes exactly, I let Aude smell each item so she was in charge of what, when, how much/often. The first time I applied the DMSO/WOO I did not have any castor oil with me and Ooooh she was mad at me! It is SO itchy/stinging. So I promised I would not do that again without immediately following with castor. So again, that’s something you can feel for – does your mare want to the remedy first and let it sink in or dry and THEN the castor? Or right after each other. They know – as you know 😉

      • October 11, 2020 at 8:01 am

        Received your parcel, thank you so much. Missy selected oil and dmso and was very happy to have it on her proud flesh wound without any castor oil. We held present moment healing space together, she yawned a lit and released, closed her eyes and rested. I then applied some of the castor oil before leaving her just incase she needed it when I wasn’t there.
        The next day she just asked for the oregano oil on the wound.
        To be continued…. 🙂

        • October 11, 2020 at 4:34 pm

          Ooooh love it Jacqui and so interesting! Have you also read this post?:


          Would love you to keep track of what she asks for on a daily basis – I could then add your story to this post 🙂

          It will be interesting to see what Missy selects in terms of keeping that balance between ‘not too moist’ and ‘not too dry’ needed for optimum wound healing… The zinc oxide powder mixed with wild oregano has been a valuable tool for me in this regard (details in the post above).

          Can’t wait to hear how it all goes…

  • October 4, 2020 at 8:08 am

    Pretty awesome jini
    I’m so glad she was ready for this healing. Do you think she’ll ever see her son again?
    I’d love to see an update about the lads soon… will we get one this fall?
    Big hugs from the west Kootenay

    • October 4, 2020 at 1:00 pm

      Oh for sure – one day they will all be back together again. And yes, I’m pretty sure Kesia is going to have time/space to do a video or blog post in November. She just finished the bulk of all the farm work (10-12 hour days) and then is travelling in October.


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