The Empowered Mustang Project: Intuition, Wolves & Elephants

Carrying on from Part 4 of this saga… On April 5th the first pregnant mustang, Kaliah, birthed her foal. I drove up four days later to see Kaliah and her new filly Xadaa (Zayda) and was startled to discover that Xadaa had absolutely no fear of humans! She came right up to me and sniffed my hand and my legs, my boots – as mama Kaliah’s distress grew by the second.

Xadaa coming right up to me with zero caution and Kaliah not happy with that!

I moved away from Xadaa so that Kaliah could collect her, but Xadaa followed right after me. Now we were in the cramped area by the shelter, with not much room for Kaliah to maneuver and I felt her panic escalating.

There is only one exit – behind Kaliah. There are arena panels on her right, the shelter’s on her left and there’s a fence at the end, where I’m standing

So I slid out, through the arena panels, and walked 10 feet away and Kaliah immediately swept in and guided her newborn filly away.

I hadn’t even considered this unique dynamic: If mum is a wild mustang, who has had numerous negative experiences with humans, so cannot/will not go near them, but then bold, unafraid newborn foal walks right up to humans and follows them around… what is mum to do?!

I felt I had established a vital piece of trust with Kaliah by observing/understanding this dynamic and removing myself entirely, very quickly. I had shown her: I see you, I hear you, and I am taking right action by listening to you.

Later, I went back in to pick up the feed dishes and the same thing happened. Xadaa came right up to me:

Kaliah didn’t seem quite as worried/stressed in this more open area…

This filly carries none of the fear or caution of her mother

But as soon as she could, Kaliah tried to lead Xadaa away from me:

Mama trying to move Xadaa away from me by walking purposefully away – expecting baby to follow

I made sure to stay a good distance away from Kaliah and Xadaa after that – respecting mum’s need for as much space and safety as possible for her new baby. And about half an hour later, Kris came by. Kris is their sole caregiver at the rescue, she is the only one who enters their paddock to feed them or clear their manure.

Get away from my baby

A male volunteer had gone in a couple weeks ago to scoop poop and Kaliah had charged him. Kris wisely was not willing to risk a liability issue from anyone getting injured, so she made their paddock off-limits to everyone on the ranch but her.

The sign outside the wildies’ paddock

As Kris and I were talking, we went into Kaliah’s paddock. We stood with our backs to the shelter wall and I had Kris on my left side and the fence a few feet away on my right side. I assumed this was okay because Kaliah was very familiar with Kris and allowed Kris to touch her face and neck. Kris was also allowed to touch Xadaa and apply ointment to her sore bum, with no problem or protest from Kaliah.

As we were discussing logistics, Xadaa again came straight up to me. I noticed Kaliah getting anxious again, but Kris did not seem worried, so I crouched down in a squat (made myself small) and kept my hands at my sides. I wanted to make it clear to Kaliah that I was not trying to touch her baby and I was no threat to them.

Xadaa sniffed all round my head, my hair, shoulders, face, legs, etc. as I squatted on the ground. Kaliah tentatively came closer and closer. As I stayed squatted down, she reached out her nose and sniffed at my face and hair for a moment, backed quickly away, then came tentatively forward and sniffed again, then drew back again. A fear flashed through my mind of her striking at me, but I did not feel any angry or dangerous energy coming from Kaliah, so I put that down to my own nervousness due to my psychic friend’s vision and warning against trying to tame Kaliah. As Kris talked I was thinking to myself, “Oh, maybe this is the way Kaliah can feel safe to come near me and know/learn that I’m no threat…”

Kaliah minced forward again to sniff my hair and the side of my head and before I could draw a breath she punched out with her muzzle – lips pulled back, so her closed teeth popped me neatly in the temple and I tipped right over and away from her baby. Kris’ eyes went wide with shock, I shot out my left hand to stop myself from falling flat as I scooched backwards into the wall of the shelter. Xadaa simultaneously jumped backwards away from me and this created enough space for Kaliah to sweep in between us and herd Xadaa away from me. What is it with horses attacking my head with their teeth?? I felt shocked and shaky and as I breathed and moved into the space of allowing and accepting whatever was meant to be in this moment, I realized that she had punched me harder with her energy than she had physically.

But her physical message was clear: “Get away from my baby!!”

I flashed back to when Juno was born and I was so interested to observe that mama Aude did not use her teeth or hooves to move or discipline Juno. A few hours after birth, Juno went up to Montaro (dad) and sniffed, explored and tried to nudge him for milk. Aude was crazy with worry and so distraught as she pawed furiously at the ground like a booming drum – but she did not force him to move away from Montaro.

Aude stomping like mad to try to get baby Juno to move away from Dad (who is behind the tree)

I remembered, at the time, marveling at the contrast between Aude’s behaviour and the way I was with my own babies! If my babies or toddlers were heading for danger and not listening to me, I would just pick them up and carry them off to safety. They did not have a choice; I forced them to stay safe and not risk getting hurt.

I had already observed Kaliah behaving the same way as Aude, earlier. Kaliah would only use her body to herd and move Xadaa. She would not use her teeth (like a dog or cat would) to move or stop her foal.

Kaliah using her body to block Xadaa and move her away from the fence – there are 2 horses on the other side of this fence.

Yet how can Kaliah herd Xadaa away from me, when every instinct screams at her to stay away from humans? How can Kaliah cut between me and Xadaa when all her experience of humans (except for a few weeks with Kris) tells her to never get close to them? Viewed from this perspective, Kaliah didn’t really have any other way to get me away from her baby.

Also important to note, is that she had flashed me a picture before she struck. Through the muddying lens of my own nervousness, I had misinterpreted and thought the picture had come from my anxious imagination. I also dismissed the picture because when I checked Kaliah’s energy, body language, and facial expression, she was not broadcasting any signs of anger, danger, or hostility.

Ah, but I had forgotten an important distinction my semi-feral forest herd had already taught me (and made me practice) – that good, solid boundaries don’t come from fear or anger. They come from the simple place of: This must happen. Or, it IS.

I think horses that spend time – or grow up – around humans learn how dense/slow we are and they learn to amp up their signals so we understand them. But wildies are used to living in a world of subtlety and telepathy, and they still expect us to communicate ‘normally.’

Later, I was taking pictures of Kaliah and Xadaa and I was on the other side of the arena panels that separated Mak the stallion from the mares. So I was in Mak’s pen and the girls were on the other side. Again, Xadaa came trotting over to see me and put her nose through the arena panel to try and sniff me. Kaliah walked towards us and a picture flashed in my head of Kaliah lunging over the top of the arena panel to strike at me. My first thought was, “Man she’s really freaked me out, my imagination is in overdrive.” And my immediate next thought was, “Oh, maybe this is her sending me a picture again!” So I quickly stepped well back out of range, and I saw her soften and exhale as she came forward to invite her headstrong, moose-energy foal away from the arena panels.

It is fascinating to me how fear, nervousness, or anxiety make it much more difficult to dial in and discern the difference between my intuition and my imagination – especially in situations where split-second decisions need to be made and there is no time to deepen the breath, or send my energy into the earth.

The other interesting thing is that Kaliah’s knock to my temple did not actually hurt me, nor even leave a visible bruise. However, her shot to my temple had additional significance to me. Having trained martial arts intensively for seven years, I know that the soft spot on the temple is one of the most vulnerable places to hit someone. You can knock someone out cold, and even kill them, with a certain kind of blow to that exact spot, the size of a nickel. And it is not easy to hit that spot either, as it is surrounded by bone – so you have to intentionally arrow your shot to hit exactly there.

Opening perception

The next morning – no bruise or visible mark on my temple

As I felt into the energy of her blow to the soft flesh of my right temple, something else occurred to me. The energetic wham behind the physical pop reminded me of a time when I was on my honeymoon in the Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean and I met a local shaman in a restaurant. He and I immediately fell into discussion of deeper things and at some point in the conversation he jabbed me swiftly in my Ajna chakra (third eye) on my forehead. My poor husband Ian was like, “Wtf??!” But I put a hand on his arm to let him know it was okay. An energetic blow to the third eye can activate spiritual, or mystical abilities.

I had also seen this in Pentecostal churches; after a requisite amount of worship singing and praying, the congregation was in meditative state (moving in the Spirit) and the Pastor would come by and jab or tap the third eye and people would fall straight back, unconscious. They called it being “slain in the spirit”. People would often fall hard, yet when they regained consciousness, they had no bruising or soreness – none that they talked about anyway.

Kaliah’s blow to my temple felt like that. I wondered if there was a spiritual or energetic purpose behind her hit. Why there? In that precise spot? I was squatting in a position that the slightest nudge to my side, arm, or leg would have toppled me too.

Well, as the days wore on I noticed that my intuition; my ability to receive messages, insights, knowledge had gone to a whole new level. I no longer had to consciously “dial in” – the information just arrived spontaneously; quickly, and frequently.

For example, my husband Ian was in a funk for a few days as he worked through some tangled issues with a new business venture and when he finally surfaced to ask me for my insight/opinion, I said, “Well, here’s what I see…” And BLAM I delineated every thread and nuance of all aspects of the situation and gave him perfect clarity in about 20 minutes flat. He was amazed. I’m usually pretty insightful and discerning, but this was a more turbo-charged, wholistic, finely detailed version of my normal perception. Whoa. That was pretty neat.

During the same period, I had also been listening to Caroline Myss’ (medical intuitive) fantastic audio series, The Anatomy of Your Health, and receiving huge insights, confirmation and awareness from her teaching. Caroline is a Medical Intuitive with a controlled trial accuracy of 93% (tested by medical doctors) who has been doing this work for decades – she really walks her talk. And I love it SO MUCH that she tells us, in the audio, to “Shut up” or “Stop it. Just stop it.” – in her Chicago/tinged with New Jersey accent. What a breath of fresh air in this age of mincing political correctness!

Caroline’s teaching and Kaliah’s whatever-the-hell-she-did seemed to work in tandem. When I spoke to people who asked me questions, or came to me with thorny issues, I found myself speaking with such power and clarity, I felt like frickin’ Moses or something.

In addition, Kaliah’s direct hotline to me, became even stronger than before.

Now let’s hit the pause button here… and go back to the day Xadaa was born. In my previous post of this series, I showed you the photos of the First Nations/Indian face that appeared on Kaliah’s left hip, soon after the birth. Here are those photos again:

Face of First Nations person with eagle feather in hair

When I emailed those photos to my hubby Ian, I did not say anything other than, “What do you see??” To which he immediately replied, “The Native Indian lady – remember Whistler!!!”

My name is Singing Wolf

Here’s what happened in Whistler, BC a few years after we married, 23 years ago:

My husband, Ian, his friend Shippums (oh those Brits and their nicknames!) and I were sitting in the lounge of the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in Whistler one evening. Shippums was visiting from Hong Kong, so we had come up to Whistler to do a bit of skiing.

The Fairmont Hotel, Whistler, BC, Canada

As we relaxed in the deep, comfy lounge chairs, the lights were low and the fireplace crackled. Shippums was telling some story about mutual friends in Hong Kong and Ian was gazing soft-focus at me. As the light from the fireplace flickered I started to feel a bit squiffy. Then I noticed that Ian was not just gazing at me, but had gone into a trance state – his eyes glazed over and a slight smile about his lips. I felt positively weird and Shippums barked out, “Ian… Ian! What’s happening?!”

Ian remained non-responsive, just staring and smiling as Shippums grew more and more agitated, half-rising out of his seat, then sitting back down – looking wildly back and forth between us. “Oh my god,” he said, “WHAT is going on??! C’mon, stop it. You’re totally freaking me out here!”

By this time I was feeling discombobulated; like the world was tilting on its axis, like everything was dissolving into shifting bands of energy. I too decided this had gone on long enough, so I gently waved a hand and snapped my fingers softly at Ian, “Okay, enough, come out of it… Ian… Ian, take a deep breath.”

Ian shook his head and straightened up, “That was so cool!” he said, giggling, “Didn’t you see it?” he asked Shippums.

“See what??” said Shippums, “Oh my god, Ian, the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up! What the hell happened?”

“I was just sitting here staring at Jini,” Ian said, “and she started to morph into this old Native Indian lady… and her hair grew into two long braids down her front. It was wild!”

Soon after that, we dropped Shippums off at his chalet and headed off to our hotel, where Ian went peacefully to sleep. I still felt really weird and couldn’t settle. As the night wore on I began to doze and then this vision appeared of a wolf running along frozen snow, quickly followed by an entire pack of beautiful wolves. And then the face of a very old Inuit or First Nations woman appeared at the front right corner of the scene. She looked at me and said, “My name is Singing Wolf.” And then it all faded away.

I was able to get to sleep soon after that and woke in the morning feeling just fine. Poor Shippums was not so lucky and hadn’t been able to sleep the whole night, he was so freaked out. We later found out the Fairmont Hotel was built on top of a First Nations burial ground.

Well Singing Wolf followed me down from Whistler and just hung out around me for the next few weeks. One time, I was lying down in a craniosacral appointment and she sat at the end of the massage table, just watching. I asked her, “Why are you here? Are you a spirit guide? Are you lost?” But she wouldn’t answer me.

Another time, I was sitting in our living room, talking to Ian – in the middle of the day – and the same thing started happening. He went into trance and watched me start to morph. I could feel her starting to come into me, from my crown downwards, and I said, “Nope. No one else gets to be in here but me.” And I pushed her out. “You can talk to me, but you don’t get to take over and talk through me,” that’s just how I roll.

I booked an appointment with a medium who specialized in angel guides. She’d been able to see dead people so clearly since childhood, that as a little girl she’d often ask people, “Wait, are you dead, or alive?” I wanted to know why Singing Wolf was following me around, yet wouldn’t tell me why she was there, or what she wanted. Keep in mind, I was only 6 or 7 years out of the Christian church at this point and still very concerned about demons and evil.

Well, Singing Wolf refused to talk to the medium either – in fact, she only answered her in her native language and refused to switch to English. So the medium banished her. And that was it. I didn’t see her again. Until two decades later – when her face appeared on Kaliah’s rump, the day Xadaa was born.

About two years ago, I woke in the middle of the night from a dream, where Zorra told me the name of our land (that we haven’t yet found or bought): Singing Horse Ranch

And now, a First Nations spirit guide – named Singing Wolf – shows up on the hip of the black horse of our herd??

I asked my husband last week why he thought Singing Wolf had come to me and was following me around. He pondered as his breath slowed and he said, “The First Nations people have lost their way, they have been decimated by drugs and alcohol, so the ancestors need to use people like us to help them be restored.”

I wondered what, “people like us” meant… people who were willing? People who were open? People who cared? Or people who had been First Nations people in other lifetimes? If you have lived before as an Indigenous American/Canadian (the land was not divided then) does that mean you carry an energetic link or resonance to those ancestors, or guides who operate on that frequency?

So. It’s like there’s a swirl of elements, gathering together, and each piece is important to the whole. I know that many of us who gather around the campfire of this blog are going through similar experiences, walking similar paths. So I’m going to tell you one more piece. I’m not sure how this fits into the spiral swirl, but maybe it will become clear later.

Mustangs and elephants

Whilst all this is going on, and my business is exploding (in a good way), and all three of my kids are processing/clearing important life-path issues, I’m also having meetings with a Maasai couple in Kenya who run the Nashulai Conservancy, just adjacent to the Maasai Mara (huge protected game reserve). Their conservancy is really important because not only does the Nashulai Conservancy preserve the animal migration routes, but right in the middle of their land is where the elephants go to birth.

They are protecting the land for the animals (otherwise farmers put up fences and grow crops on it) by leasing it from the landowners. They also hope to build a cash reserve fund, so that as pieces of land come up for sale, they can purchase them – and thus permanently secure the animals’ safety. In addition, they are running a few nifty initiatives that are bringing the Maasai people out of poverty, educating children, and saving girls from female genital mutilation (FGM). The super exciting thing for me is that all of this is being done by local Maasai people, with Maasai people – no Westerners in charge, hooray!

Maasai warrior (and safari guide) overlooking the Nashulai Conservancy (c) Anne Mitten

As a longtime supporter of microlending via, I firmly believe that true change and empowerment must come from within indigenous cultures. People like us can assist, or support, but it must be from the outside, or arms-length. We can be a piece of what they do, but the direction, management, and fire must come from within to be successful.

The other thing I’ve learned, whether I’m helping a friend, or an organization, is that the flow of money (which is an energy) is most effective when it is in a regenerative, self-sustaining loop.

So this is the perspective I came to Nelson and Maggie Ole Reiya with (founders of the Nashulai Conservancy). I didn’t want to just give them some money. I wanted to see where my resources intersected with their needs, and could have the biggest effect – in a self-sustaining, regenerative way.

After brainstorming together we decided that I would use my team to set up a new website for them to publicize the unique travel and safari experiences they offer. If they can be fully booked during high season, that will pay for all the land leases, plus run the school – and the elephant babies (which are approaching the endangered list) will be safe!


The new website

HOW is this related/connected to Kaliah and her herd?

I don’t know. Perhaps there is a more direct link-up that can be made from wild to wild? If so, maybe that’s why it is vital her herd stays wild… Perhaps there is some link between the horses and the elephants? Funnily enough, a year ago I bought the domain (URL) for Mustang & Elephant.

Here’s another link: There are only two times I have dropped out of the time-space continuum whilst painting, and then emerged when the painting was complete. The first was when I painted my Andalusian, Zorra – 5 years before I met/bought her. And everything matched, down to the markings on her face:

Watercolor on Paper (c) Jini Patel Thompson

And the second time was when I painted this elephant. This is what I remembered seeing when I was on safari in Kenya at 2-years-old (I was born in Nairobi). I clutched the bottom ledge of the open window, watching this elephant thunder towards our car (which wouldn’t start) and this is the last thing I saw before I dove for the floor:

Watercolor on Paper (c) Jini Patel Thompson

Luckily the car started at the last second, and as we peeled away the elephant only tore the racing strip off the side of the car. There were new babies in the herd and our car was obviously too close for the bull elephant’s liking. He had started waving his ears to warn us, as my Dad stood outside the car photographing the herd. I was only two years old but I remember every bit of that experience.

How are all these threads connected together? What do all these signs and symbols and experiences and cross-linkages mean and where are they heading? First Nations, wolves, mustangs and elephants… Who is reading this post right now who has had, or will have, an experience, message, symbol, dream, or vision that ties in, somehow, to all of this??

I don’t know. I don’t know the answers to any of it! And that’s okay. Because it’s enough just to ride the magic as it unfurls. To be part of this great adventure called LIFE.

Once again, I can only end by saying, NAMASTE.

Namaste ~ the divine in me, sees, acknowledges, and greets the divine in you.

Siyone, Xadaa, Kaliah

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The Empowered Mustang Project: Intuition, Wolves & Elephants

26 thoughts on “The Empowered Mustang Project: Intuition, Wolves & Elephants

  • May 13, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Another utterly astounding sequel in the ever-unfolding story of the wild herd….and it is so gripping! ..I Jini, I can certainlyunderstand this ultra-deep connection you feel (and most definitely have) with Kaliah; her face is mesmerizing to me and holds a power which I can’t put into words. She is awe-inspiring. Everything you are discovering and piecing together is amazing.
    I don’t know at present what insights I could offer…At the moment I just wanted to mention what happened with your right temple – very interesting since I recently got a knock exactly there myself, whilst with a horse, though not directly from the horse – it was from a fall.(Nothing serious or broken, only cuts and bruises) And I remembered to think about the significance of the nature of the ‘accident’ and to take into account the meaning of the areas affected. You shared about that in the post about Montaro the runaway horse and the Jaxx incident I think?
    Making sense of it, as for you, is probably going to come through in gradual layers; meanwhile it’s incredible how horses in their wisdom and generosity can be so accurately prescriptive. In my case one part is about grounding..I fell to the ground! I feel changes, not yet definable; and would certainly love it if my intuitive abilities were further enhanced!
    Looking forward to reading the many comments which will flow in! A huge hug of appreciation!! xxxxxxx : )))))

    • May 14, 2018 at 6:03 am

      SO interesting Rachel! And also stay alert for any mis-alignments that may have been fixed. And you fell to the ground on your right side – so that is the masculine. Check out your feminine/masculine balance and expression as well. Also which part of you was dominant right before the fall? The fall may be a commentary on that. If we take the approach that there are no accidents… then we can follow the trail of clues to greater wisdom.

      I love what you’ve said about Kaliah’s face – I find it exactly like that too! She holds such a power… and like you said, one layer at a time!

  • May 14, 2018 at 2:05 am

    Hello Jini ~ Your elephant watercolor is truly beautiful. Have you read Carl Safina’s BEYOND WORDS: What Animals Think and Feel? The first third of the book is African elephants and would be a worthy read as you embark on this partnership. (The remaining book is wolves and orca’s.)

    • May 14, 2018 at 5:55 am

      Ooooo it sounds wonderful and no, I have not! Going to look it up on Amazon now… thanks Colleen!

  • May 14, 2018 at 3:23 am

    That is interesting your comment about the elephants. In the past few months on CBS 60 Minutes (I think) there was a story about an elderly woman who had just died and her life’s work was taking in the orphan baby elephants and rehabbing them and I think they then integrate them back into the wild. I found an extensive article on the internet about the rehab process, the emotional life of elephants, etc. and it was fascinating and incredibly sad with the poaching. And then they made a comment that the tusk of one elephant could bring enough money to feed a poor family for a year. She had one volunteer who came from a poaching family and became the go-to person for the most severely emotionally damaged baby elephants, the ones who had no will to live. And if anyone could convince them to live, it was him. Yet, sometimes, even he was not enough to will them to keep living. They told another story of elephants that had been killed, but their tusks not yet taken and one of the surviving elephants was so angry that she pulled the tusks out of the dead elephant and threw them. It frightened the poachers and they left. What drew me in was the emotional rehab and the similarities with the senior horse rehab that I do. Don’t know where this fits in with what’s happening in your neck of the woods, but I always look forward to the next installment in this wild mustang series.

    • May 14, 2018 at 5:54 am

      It’s heartbreaking Mary – and now the latest thing is that many baby elephants are being born WITHOUT tusks. So yes, they know EXACTLY why they are being slaughtered and their very cells and DNA are responding. It’s a wholistic issue and bringing the communities out of poverty, and educating them (same thing!) is a key component of protecting both the elephants and the trees. And if too many trees are cut down, then the rains don’t come, then the animals die and it all loops back around. The antidote for me is finding the place of HOPE and finding where I can take action; because every little bit helps, not just in the physical realm, but in the energetic/consciousness realms. We each need to do our little bit, in our little corner of the world – however we’re called. And trust. And keep moving forward. It’s all good!

  • May 14, 2018 at 3:58 am

    I have had similar experiences morphing.. and watching others Morph. I watched a man I loved morph though many, many lives through the ages, while he watched the same in me. Neither of us had ever even heard of anything like this, let alone had the experience. We could do this together at will, and ‘knew’ many of the people we saw. He was tall, slender and blonde with deep brown eyes, and his most frequent ‘morphed personality’ was a huge black man, who had a broad face and huge shoulders, he was a farrier and I was a tiny black midwife. We both felt we had spent many lives with one another and were seeing those as well as others. My farm is TALKING HORSE FARM – and I too have a herd of mustangs. I teach how to connect with horses, among other things. I have a mare who I picture what I want and she pretty much does it, she is out of the wild and has a 2 yr. old filly who was born at our farm. Namaste

    • May 14, 2018 at 5:46 am

      Your story reminds me of Alice Walker’s book, The Temple of My Familiar – have you read it? There’s a character in there who does the same thing and the different images/people are even caught on film (if I remember correctly). And so interesting that the two of you could do this together! I’ve never heard of that before. Your farm looks delightful! I especially like this page:

      I’m going to tag Kesia to check it out as she may be offering something similar, or more of a work/stay program in the near future. I’m sure just for people to stay in such close proximity to the horses must be a wonderful experience 🙂

  • May 14, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Wow! Just wow! Kaliah is without a doubt a very special horse. How you can you not love the power she holds and the connection she has chosen with you. She has chosen you for a reason and you are the one who will be the one who provides her with what she is striving for. She wants the land you are looking for, to spend the rest of her days there, with her foal and the others. There is no doubt in my mind she has reached out to you in the initial dream/vision you had of the black horse. She summoned you to go to her when she and the other two horses were taken to your friend’s place. The knock on the head was definitely in defense of her baby, but also to awaken your awareness of your own personal powers, creativity, talents that are too many to mention. She does not feel love toward you but she knows that even though you are a human you can be trusted once she shapes you and morphs you into the human she wants you to be. The human you already are, but stronger and fully aware of it.

    Xadaa is going to be a very special horse also. She has known you before. So I guess that means you have known her before and it may become apparent as she grows who she was before.

    The wolf connection is intriguing. Wolf is my animal spirit guide. I was once a she-wolf and had to defend my pack. I fought with another wolf in my dreams as a child and tasted the blood from biting the neck of the wolf. It always alarmed me when I woke up and wondered what it all meant. It felt so real in the dreams.

    When I was learning 1st degree Reiki, we were paired up at one point and the woman I was practicing on morphed into a wolf head before my very eyes, while I was giving her Reiki. After the treatment I told her and she said that her animal spirit was Wolf. Wolf is an extremely powerful animal spirit guide, as is Kaliah. They feel like a match.

    My mare Spirit just a while ago was continually knocking heads with me. It seriously hurt to hit heads with such a hard skull. After half a dozen encounters like that I remember blurting out “omg why do you keep hitting your head against me?” She hasn’t done it since and in fact we had a very endearing moment together recently. She was coughing and has a serious breathing problem that I can’t seem to help her with enough. The vet came and gave her three injections intravenously and it did nothing. I was giving her another drug by syringe and then found this herbal remedy that I started her on. Anyway I was out with them the other day and she was coughing so I went in and drew 30 cc of Zev (a cough remedy) and walked out to her. I let her smell the open end of the syringe and then placed it at the side of her mouth expecting her to pull her lips back and accept the medicine. She clamped her lips tightly closed. I said “Ok Spirit. You know better than me” and I didn’t force it on her. She suddenly pulled her head over to the side of my face and we stood there basically cheek to cheek for quite a few minutes. I heard her say to me “thank you for not forcing me to take it”.

    I had a friend with me who was grooming MC (he insisted) who saw it and was trying to get a picture of the moment but our spell was broken too soon when my husband came out of the house and she looked over towards him. This is such a change from the Spirit who came to me 5 years ago. We have come such a long way and after reading your experience with Kaliah I am now wondering if the knocks on the head were her communicating something to me. Duh! I don’t know what but now I know to pay more attention.

    I feel quite an affinity with elephants too. My heart breaks for them and their challenges of humans taking their lives to use their tusks to sell them. The rhino are in the same situation and sharks have their dorsal fins sliced off them when they are caught and then thrown back into the ocean to die a slow death of drowning. We must keep our vibrational levels high in order to change the thinking of humans who would do such a thing. We also have to contribute to people like the ones you are working with to sustain themselves in other ways, so that they are not compelled to commit such atrocities on animals. The animals have been so patient, forgiving and full of love and compassion for us. There are many more people like us who care and are working to raise us and the animals up to a better way of operating. Heart Math are doing studies on trees and how they have families and how they connect. They also have learned so much about the coherent heart and how we are all one.

    Thank you for this wonderful article and sharing your experiences in it. Your work and your articles always bring forth synchronicities for me or lessons to be learned. We must all share our stories and build ever stronger our intuition, love and acceptance by doing so.

    • May 15, 2018 at 7:56 am

      THANK YOU Jocelyn, so much, for this message. Your channeled message resonates with such truth for me. Namaste. It will be interesting to see when/how Xadaa makes herself known. I was gazing in my dog, Tiah’s eyes once and went straight into a past life we’d had together – in Egypt – and she was a man.

      I love that you have a new awareness of noticing and deciphering messages behind the knocks-and-bumps horse communication method! Although I think horses only do that when necessary, or when they’ve tried softer/gentler ways first.

      Our childhood dreams are fascinating and so powerful, aren’t they? And the taste of fresh, warm blood – that’s not something you can just make up is it? QUITE a distinct taste, especially for a child.

      I think your point of how we must share our stories is also key… I think it actually strengthens the resonance/connection. For example, as I was reading your comment/story I got the distinct sensation that MC knows exactly what’s going on, and that he can connect to Kaliah. Is this because he’s the only one of your horses that can? Or is it because you told his story, so I have a felt sense of him, so now I’m a conduit between him and Kaliah? How is resonance and aligned vibration created anyhow? How is it that you and I have never met (in person or phone, etc) yet you can channel wisdom from Kaliah and Xadaa to me? And that other readers of this blog – in other countries – can write in with parallel experiences – even before I’ve written about them, but am in the midst of writing the post? How have medicine men/women, Jesus, Buddha, shamans etc worked for centuries? Through stories! It’s all so very, very cool. And a wee bit scary.

  • May 14, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Jini…wow you are really on a very interesting journey of connection and devine intersections that twist and turn and then connect and flow. This is like a good novel and I don’t want to put it down..except I have to because the next chapter has to be lived through in order to be written and continplated on. I like that the snout to the head has enabled you to focus deeper and more clearly. Bullet kicked me …literally…. in the butt…right on the fat gushiness ….very deliberately & percisely …a couple years ago, during one of our sessions and it woke me up in a deeper way. Not the affect this has had on you ….but definite heightened awareness just the same. It stays fresh and and the forefront of my awareness even though it didn’t really hurt or leave a mark. But like you said got my heart racing and mind focused super sharp. I don’t have much fear around horses & I believe that is sometimes to my detriment. I know Bullet was trying to give me some perspective and insight on this emotion. I love my fearlessness …but at the same time know I need to have some balance.

    I think I have written before….I have always dreamed of being a Pocahontas type girl …an Indian girl at one with nature and all the animal kingdom. So the Indian theme running a direct course through your journey is so dear to me. I love all animals but my top three have always been Bears, Horses and wolves( including domestic dogs of course)

    Fascinated to continue on this path of wonder and phenomenal energy…with you …and dive deeper into the depths of knowledge. Horses ….they are everything✌🏼❤️🐴

    • May 15, 2018 at 7:30 am

      Thank god I have never been kicked by a horse BUT as your story illustrates, they are in full control of both force and accuracy. It’s amazing how they can get so shockingly physical with us, yet not leave a mark. Not sure I’ll ever get used to it! But, as you said, that’s the point 🙂 And perhaps you have been an Indian girl before…

  • May 15, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    So many things come up for me about wolves! But the thing I feel I most want to share is this story:

    A friend of mine asks me to hang out with his wolves (they are 3/4 wolf, 1/4 malamute) for a while so he can go down to the city and watch a hockey game. When I get to his house the wolves are lying on his bed. It is weird to be in his house without him, and I stand looking at the dreamcatcher that hangs above his bed, feeling through layers of meaning. I go into the room and Chief (the wolf) makes his low throat rumbles that are usually a greeting, but sound like a growl. I am unsure of him without my friend here.
    I get the computer and a movie – somehow it is impossible to be here without this part of the ritual – and lie on the bed beside Chief. He looks at me. Indecipherable. For a moment I am afraid. I am looking directly into the wildness of him. Then he curls himself into my arms with all 4 paws drawn up against my chest like a puppy, and begins to sing. I have never heard him make this sound. It is a high pitched whine that moves into my cells the way a certain note breaks glass. Again, I am afraid. My friend is not here to interface for us and there is an unfathomable depth in the wolf’s eyes I cannot make meaning of. A point in him that I cannot see beyond.
    The sound is like nothing I have ever heard. It starts in the back of his throat and carries like the tone of a Tibetan singing bowl; an arrow made of sound aimed directly at my heart. When he runs out of breath he draws another and begins the sound again. I can feel it moving through the walls of my cells and the entirety of my being is caught in the resonance of it. Chief’s eyes are closed as if he has returned to puppyhood; to bliss. He sings, and the soul of the world is there in the room, held in the space between us.

    • May 15, 2018 at 7:48 pm

      And, yet again, we are faced with the amazingness of this circle! I had NO IDEA that wolves could literally sing!!

      What a wondrous (and truly frightening) experience this must have been Kera. And I wonder, has anyone ever played Tibetan singing bowls around wolves? What would happen?? When I play them around my horses, they alternate between going crazy – heads flung up, eyes wide, bodies on full alert and then plunging at a dead run out, away, then circling back again – and curiosity – coming up to the bowls, smelling, licking, biting them. And then as I play on, they return to eating or simply standing, listening or meditating.

      So many threads woven into this story, this tapestry that weaves us all…

    • May 15, 2018 at 11:30 pm

      That’s an awesome story. I love how the wolf sang to you. It would be very scary in that setup though. Did you tell your friend about it when he returned? Would love to see how he would react to a Tibetan singing bowl. I had a black Labrador dog when my daughter was small. We had a birthday party for her one time with all her kindergarten friends. The girls were all sitting at the kitchen table to have cake. I lit the candles on the cake, the little girls started singing happy birthday and our lab joined in too. Everyone abruptly stopped singing and the dog quit too. It was comical but memorable. I like to think she was singing happy birthday too. Wolves have some pretty amazing sounds they make and most are spine tingling. You did well to stay cool and engage. 🙂

  • May 19, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    It’s so weird but this morning (Saturday) I stayed in bed a few minutes, half sleeping (usually a moment when I get flashes of insight because I’m not trully activated as awake would be), and I was thinking about how I’ve never asked you if you knew Carolyn Myss… REALLY, like that, for NO reason (I haven’t paid much attention to Carolyn in months)! There is no reason whatsoever why I would be thinking this, so I guess there is a true message for you there.

    I could go on and tell you what I “feel/get” but I don’t know if this is a good idea… I think you’re on your true life mission’s path and only you can “get” the messages behind the events unfolding (although I would have sooo much to share with you on all those subjects).

    Sending lots of love

    • May 20, 2018 at 1:46 am

      Ohmygosh Capucine – don’t hold back!! It’s what we’re all here for 🙂 And I guarantee you that whatever messages/insights you have for me, are also going to speak to at least a few other people reading this blog. Honestly, we are ALL linked in a big web of creation here and each of us needs to speak and honor the messages that come through us. So here’s one for you – right back atcha!

      I look forward to your offering… xox

      • May 22, 2018 at 4:16 pm

        I agree with Jini, Capucine, I’d love to hear what you have to say! : ))))))

      • June 8, 2018 at 2:06 am

        Jini, I’m sorry for taking so long… First, I want to say that I’m only a baby intuitive (Wink to Caroline Myss) and I didn’t really SEE why I had this vision yet… My intellect was answering the question which can only be projection in a way (my own perceptions interpreted through my lens, my filter… It can be diminishing a “message” I think).

        A few minutes ago I got the next bit… First off, let me tell you, I’ve been thinking of you a lot in the last few weeks, wanting to get back to you because I appreciate you dearly and resonate with you so much but I wasn’t exactly “in the right zone to take to my keyboard” but by some strange coincidence, I felt like watching a bit of Caroline’s medicine tonight before bed… Well low and behold, this is the interview I came accross: (skip to min. 25 to get right to my point). Please watch and get back to me! XXX

        • June 17, 2018 at 6:32 pm

          Now I’ve taken so long to reply to you! Although if you read my latest post, you’ll understand why 😉

          I found many things valuable and interesting (and of course the parallels) in that video – thanks so much for finding/posting it! I love the way they told her off for being such an idiot when she was evolved way beyond that – snap! I’ve also been reading a book about the Diné medicine people and noticing the amount of objects, rituals, offerings they are ‘supposed’ to use. But I think we’ve evolved beyond that, or the veil has thinned sufficiently that we don’t need to anchor or facilitate using physical objects. Then in the video the guardian tells her to always bring tobacco and corn (the traditional offerings) and it started me wondering again… But then I thought, wait a minute, perhaps it is now okay to bring energetic tobacco and corn… It’s all so fascinating.

          • June 17, 2018 at 11:18 pm

            I wouldn’t know how to take all of this either really, apart from this seeming to be a “clue” that we might only understand later on… But really the synchronicity was just too much to simply not share this with you.

            I did indeed read your latest blog post this morning and I totally understand the delay in writing back. In fact, I don’t know how you manage all of this! So much is going on, I guess you can only let yourself be carried by that wave (it’s so strong anyways) while keeping building one step at a time, this haeven you will end up with. I do think that the answers cannot be rushed, they will emerge when the terrain will be ripe and if you keep beleiving everything is as it should be, without “yearning for the answers=energetic pressure”. One thing is for sure, your current experience is a real thrill and I’m so happy to have a chance to withness it and I love the way you are and think and share with us.

            • June 19, 2018 at 7:19 am

              Awww thanks so much Capucine – SO glad you enjoy and get so much out of it. Feels GREAT to be able to “share the food” in that way 🙂

              And yes, ‘energetic pressure’!! I don’t think I’ve thought through that, or become aware of that enough before. And of course, that any pressure is constricting, not expansive. There can be such a fine line between asking, visioning, and pressuring! It’s taken three long years but I can’t believe I am FINALLY content to trust and let things unfold in the TIMING of the divine. Yet one more huge piece the horses have taught me.

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  • June 27, 2020 at 2:41 am

    Goodness me. Jini every time i read your blog post, i feel it resonate so deep within that i don’t even try to describe it anymore. Each blog post (and i pick at random) always ALWAYS comes in at such the right time. The words, the insight, the wisdom couldn’t be more relevant and needed. The first time I discovered that horse is my spirit animal was ten months ago (this was reaffirmed by my teacher that horses have been in many of my lives). Around the same time, I could feel myself connecting with elephants despite the fact that I have never really gotten close with them. As I go through my house in Cambodia and London, I started to notice the amount of elephant and horse images/paintings/sculptures all around me everywhere I go. I thought I was just over-reading, over-analyzing the signs…but at the same time i know there’s something more.

    Ever since I started watching your videos, the connection I feel towards Kaliah is so immense and strong…that i sometimes/often doubts if it is just an illusion. It feels as if I know her and she knows me. Sometimes she would come into my vision during my meditation session and show me things.

    For instance, recently I decided to visit a country club in town for the first time to see some horses. What I saw broke me to pieces, although the horses are in good condition but I feel so much anxiety and weariness. At the end of the stable there is this black, beautiful, majestic, horse (Niagara is the name that I got) I could feel her drawing me in. To my distraught, her caretaker told me she has severely sprained (or even broken) her hips from jumping at a competition which is why she isn’t as mobile. That day I came home and cried. During my meditation, as I was thinking about that horse Kaliah came into my vision, she encouraged me to connect with Niagara and I was like “What? I don’t know how” and somehow Kaliah morphed into Niagara…and we connected. Never has this happened before, my hand voluntarily started drawing Reiki symbol (Choku Rei) on the injured place. Few weeks later I returned to see Niagara started walking slightly, this might not be my doing but that’s what I saw. After the second visit, I came back home and meditated, the same thing happened, Kaliah came forward and guided me, but this time I connected with Niagara on my own. Until this day, I don’t know how I can be of help to those nine horses, but im going to try being present with them and NOT riding them, hopefully I could show them that I hear you, feel you, and understand you.

    • June 28, 2020 at 9:19 pm

      That is tremendous Daline – I love how you are SO willing and so open to receive their instruction/guidance and enter this dance with the divine interconnectedness of all things. What a beautiful experience for both Niagara and you. I believe imprisoned horses (animals) are helped the most when we don’t ‘see’ their poverty, pain, lack, but when we focus instead on their magnificence – their true glorious self that is still intact, whole and rich. VERY difficult to do, I know! For me, it would also be very difficult not to buy Niagara after a connection like that! So I admire your ability/willingness to help in this way.

      LOVE the awareness that you have horse and elephant art/images everywhere LOL. Beautiful. Did a quick google and turns out you have a number of elephant sanctuaries in Cambodia:

      I like this fellow’s comments and perspective on each. AND I love the way you are using the blog like an oracle deck – that’s awesome!! Much love and hugs xox


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