Horses And Trees

I want to share a simply marvelous video with you from famed nature filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg (who also produces footage for Disney). But before I do, I want to tell you a story that will make the video even more poignant.

A couple of years ago, my Andalusian mare Zorra had developed gloppy eye mucus and a runny nose after her 3,000 mile trailer ride from New Jersey, USA to Langley, BC, Canada. Yes I got her the biggest box stall on an 18-wheeler air ride truck, with stop-overs along the way. But still, a long, confined trip like that would have even made me sick! So I wasn’t surprised that she was. I had her on a blend of Chinese immune support herbs that her former owner had sent along with her (she was given them throughout the trip too) and a few other supplements, but nothing was helping.

Zorra with gucky eye mucus

So I arrived at the barn one morning and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, Zo, you’re still sick! Okay, let me give you some healing…” By that I meant pranic (energy) healing. At which point Zorra said, “Have you looked at yourself?” I paused to notice I was still coughing (after weeks of treatment – it turned out to be a food intolerance, but that’s another story), and my own energy was skank-a-mank; kind of frantic and discombobulated. I said, “Good point. Let me go sort myself out first.”

I was drawn to a corner of the pasture that faced this magnificent, towering, 150-year-old Douglas Fir tree.

150-year-old Tree Elder

I closed my eyes, slowed and deepened my breathing. And then this tree elder began to direct my meditation:

Bring the white light in through the top of your head
Flow it down your body
Now open your heart chakra; front AND back
Flow the energy out the soles of your feet into Mother Earth
Keep going down, down, until you reach the tree root network
and plug in

As I ‘plugged in’ to the tree roots under the earth, I saw it was a network, like a web, that extended for miles and miles in every direction. The moment I made contact and hooked myself up to this network, I felt an energy vortex swirl up to surround me. And I kid you not, the actual wind began to swirl around me. With great delight (and more than a little awe) I breathed into this experience, Tree reminded me, “Front and back of your heart”. I then saw this network like a halogen-blue glowing network/web that actually spanned the entire globe!

Thinking about it later, I wondered if there was some way the tree roots on land also connected with sea plant roots under the ocean floor. Because I had a real sense that this was not just an energetic network, but an actual physical web of connection.

Which brings us to the video. Unfortunately, I am not able to embed it here for you, so just click this link to watch the video, and prepare to be amazed at the web of life, support, and communication scientists have discovered under the earth…

P.S. As we are moving house in the summer, I’ll also be looking to lease land closer to our new house. Discussing this with Montaro (my Fjord/Belgian) I said, “I might not be able to find a piece of land as big as this… and are you sure you wouldn’t rather go to the interior of BC (where I could get them 100 acres, but would only see them once a month or so)?” He looked sideways at me and said, “We want to stay with you. But just make sure there’s trees.”

L-R: Jax, Montaro, me, Juno, Audelina hanging out with one of our favorite trees
Horses And Trees

4 thoughts on “Horses And Trees

  • January 28, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Oh Jini this is a amazing on so many levels. That the tree was able to communicate information that you needed to heal was wonderful. I have always been drawn to trees and nature and literally hug some of the them. We are all connected. The video was great also. There is also a book about this on Amazon. I guess we should be shocked that trees have families but it certainly is a new concept for scientists who have discovered this. I love you blogs.

    • January 28, 2017 at 8:12 pm

      Thanks Jocelyn! And yes, there is so much more knowledge and data now showing/proving the sentience of plants and trees. Imagine that, not just humans and animals, but ALL beings have sentience, feelings, emotions, responses, wisdom etc. 😉 Some of the plant experiments showing that not only do they know who their attacker is, but they get scared when that person comes back in the room are fascinating. I think the book you’re talking about is this one, The Hidden Life Of Trees?

      And yes, I’ve read part of it, it’s pretty darn cool!

  • January 29, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Just wanted to add “Big Pa Pa” to the blog…Jini I know you have seen this oak tree before but I thought it might be nice for readers to see him, since he definitely relates to this blog. I felt very drawn to this tree the first time I saw our property & actually felt very privileged at the thought of having this old wise soul on the property and having a chance to be a friend and care taker “not that he needs my help” to this amazing awe inspiring tree.

  • January 29, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    That is one BIG tree daddy – and not just physically! Do you know how old he is? What a blessing <3


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