Are We Objectifying Our Horses?

sexualized-horseI’m glad somebody out there is willing to pose the awkward questions. Julie Taylor writes for, and clearly outlines how and why we may be objectifying our horses, both consciously and unconsciously. From Part 1:

“…objectification as in ”meant to be acted upon” as opposed to ”meant to act.” Objectification – by its very nature – dehumanises people. When you start to think of a person as merely a means to an end, as less human than you are, as replaceable – it becomes easier to hurt that person, to take what’s theirs. The less you identify with someone, the easier it is to ignore their suffering. The less real that suffering seems. It follows that if we want to avoid unwittingly causing suffering to horses, we need to be careful about treating them as objects.”

Read the full articles here:

Part 1: Objects of desire

Part 2: Subject to scrutiny

Are We Objectifying Our Horses?

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