The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp, Hornet – Part 1

Ever since I moved to this property five years ago, we’ve had 20-30 wasp nests in the barn and shelters every summer. But this year, we have THREE massive hornet/wasp hive colonies, in addition to the regular little wasp nests. I wondered why and towards the end of July, the hornets asked me to meet/connect with them – so of course I filmed it for y’all!

But before I say anything about this video, I’d like you to watch it first and see what Hornet’s message means to you… a chance to receive it ‘clean’ and see what your body and soul feel about this medicine of wasp:

I’ve had a few weeks now to really receive and process this spiritual/energetic message from hornet/wasp. It’s one of those concepts that has layers of meaning as it sinks through your mind, heart, cells, viscera.

The medicine/message of hornet, wasp, yellow jacket for me is about surrendering to chaos. And receiving the value/purpose of chaos. And chaos is something I usually find… unenjoyable. I once did the 5Rhythms yoga dance for a year and one of the rhythms you are supposed to align and move your body to is chaos. I did not even try! I hated the chaotic music, and every time I just hopped around a little and waited for it to end – so I could get back to the good stuff. My body had something to say about every other rhythm (flowing, staccato, lyrical, stillness) – but I did not have the wisdom or capacity at that time to see any value in chaos.

However, I seem to have spent the last 5 years firmly embedded in chaos; as I went from 1 domestic horse to 5 (all semi-feral, with 3 stallions) and then from 5 horses to 11 (all wild, 1 more stallion), with the added challenges of boarding on other people’s land. Then of course, there’s the been the global chaos of the Covid debacle.

As I’ve moved into this space and allowed it to flow through my being, I’ve realized that the swirling, swarming energy of chaos – IF I don’t fight it, but seek to align with it – also provides openings, or portal points to different realities.

I’ll give you one small, very concrete, example: We’ve been setting up a UK Shoppe for our health supplement company and we have a list of people who’ve been waiting for the UK version of my elemental diet shake. BUT due to covid chaos, we’ve been unable to fly there and set up the bank account. Everything else is ready to go, the product cleared customs – but we can’t sell it to people without having a bank account to process credit cards.

And then here comes the opportunity… because we’ve been with the bank for over 20 years, they allowed us to set up a bank account via email. This is unheard of! Since the money laundering issues in the 90’s there’s not a bank in the world who will let you open a bank account without being there in person. But – the swirling chaos parted the veil and facilitated something that was previously absolutely impossible.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right, or opportune moment. “A time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action: the opportune and decisive moment” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

But kairos (KAI-ros) is more than just a word; it is a symbol that represents timing, and the opportunities released by the problems created by crisis/chaos. Opportunity is birthed from misfortune or crisis. Kairos means that in times of tension, crisis and chaos, the ‘right’ time will also arise – but it is our choice and our determination that SEES this state with clarity, and then seizes the opportunity.

The Cedar Cathedral

There is a ring of old-growth cedars at the back of our pasture. I call it the Cedar Cathedral. A few years ago, the cedars told me that we have the ability to move between dimensions. I actually recorded their message as I filmed these majestic creatures, as I wanted to share it with you. But when I looked at the footage later, the video part was there, but there was no sound. Yeah. So. I think this is an aspect of that teaching – where the swirling energy creates portal points or windows into other realms of possibility. YES it is actually possible to be optimistic and excited during this time!

Let others descend into fear, panic, scarcity or whatever else they wish. If we surrender to Kairos and align with her energies, the swarm will periodically open for moments of miraculous possibility, or previously unforeseen or impossible opportunities – seize these moments!

What opportunities are awaiting you? What options have suddenly been created/released by this time of chaos?

IF you choose to align with chaos and enter the flow pattern of this swirling, swarming energy… what opportunity is now released to come through the portal for you?

In Part 2, I show you all the practical considerations of living in harmony with such aggressive creatures and how we honor their medicine of tenacity and strong boundaries…

The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp, Hornet – Part 1

8 thoughts on “The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp, Hornet – Part 1

  • August 16, 2020 at 7:10 am

    As usual resonated with so many points!
    But first this is what google says

    “Yellowjackets, wasps, and hornets may look alike and have similar characteristics, but they can be very different in their level of aggressiveness and their habits. “

    I looked it up as when you first mentioned how beneficial they were a few years ago I decided to try and make peace with them instead of eradicating them! The sad part on my side was they had not ever even really done anything wrong except create a hive right at the main gate entrance to the Horse shelter in a metal rooster I had put there! I have read post from other people who say the species they have are very aggressive and they do not let them cohabitate around there space? Not sure about this but maybe it’s the humans attitude/opinion/negative vibe about them? As so many people I know absolutely act crazy when any kind of stinging flying insect comes near them and you can clearly feel how that agitates them! I stay very calm and don’t react at all and they leave me be!

    We actually have paper wasps and they build the open paper looking hives and have not been aggressive with any of us! They have now chosen locations that are ideal and even seem to accompany me and appreciate me (They flock to the water I supply) while I water around them! They also have made several very big nests in the horse shelter and there are virtually no flies and I cant Thankyou enough for opening me to there beneficial ways!

    In regards to chaos! I too have a concrete example! The kids getting the land/house next door was facilitated from chaos! The senior couple that owned it and custom built it had a very strong attachment to this home! They wanted a high price for it that was not very true to market value because of sentimental feelings! This was One reason they were not able to sell it since we have lived here for six years! Because when they reluctantly (because of COVID) made the drive from Arizona to show it and discuss selling it to our son…they still wanted a very high price! We didn’t think it would happen at all! But shortly after that the first meeting the husbands ongoing struggle with cancer flared and he had to be hospitalized!
    It was very chaotic and the wife was dealing with the renters who had not paid because the government said they didn’t have to! She was also dealing with them not wanting to let the kids see the property after agreeing to a specific date and time! The kids did go see it but it was very uncomfortable and very chaotic! The kids and the wife had many long visits and chats for several days in a row while the husband was decling in the hospital…it was very sad but they did come to an agreement on price and it was much lower then the initial high price they had wanted! I know if all the Covid/cancer/Funky renters had not created so much chaos the wife would of never sold so low! It was not ideal and we all had sadness for her and the husband but at the same time the price was very close to market value and the kids offered cash with no inspections so she didn’t have to deal with anymore chaos! I truly believe everyone came out of it for the better and it all happened as it should! The husband recovered enough to at least get strong enough to fly back to Arizona to die at home with his family!
    At the time it was extremely stressful for everyone and I thought why does it have to be so complicated and so chaotic? But when I surrendered to the flow I could see the chaos was what was enabling it all to happen! ✌🏼💚🐴

    • August 16, 2020 at 7:32 pm

      Brilliant example Michelle! I love it! And yes, chaos often means some collateral damage – and an increase in stress IF we don’t pull back and understand what is happening.

      The more experience I get, the more I seem to understand (viscerally) that the ability to pull back and SEE/perceive all the levels of reality/energy that are operating, the less stressful my life will be.

      I would also venture to guess that this property going into chaos so your family could purchase it was also the “right” time for your son and wife. Perhaps the universe was also waiting for ALL of you to be ready. xox

  • August 16, 2020 at 8:20 am

    My thoughts:
    I think that without Chaos I would not move into anything new; and, I am being asked strongly to act. I am learning how to close the busy negative mind and open the heart and allow Chaos to have Its way. Three times, in this life time, I’ve faced an instant/moment where Death approached and there was an instant of choice and I thought, “Well, okay, Here I am.” Three times I opened and trusted Chaos; and, Death moved through and past me and my life dramatically changed. My brain can think of all the fears of why I should not allow Chaos to have at it. I need my thoughts to navigate in this world; but, I am not my brain, nor am I my thoughts. Meditation helps me to understand this as I gently notice my thoughts and allow them to move down the stream of consciousness. I allow myself moments of silence and there, right there, is the Wisdom of All Ages.
    I find I am only my fears when I allow thoughts to take me down the rabbit hole and encompass me rather than move out of fears way into the present moment. The present moment can also be a very scary place. I live in this amazing tactical world that has hornets, wasps, and bees in it. I have this innate fear of them. Of course I do! If I infringe on their territory or if they perceive me as a threat they can swirl and buzz and sting and hurt and even kill me. This can happen if I don’t notice them; if I am in my mind, closed to my surroundings. And then they decide if they are going to teach me a lesson called, If You Don’t Pay Attention, We Are Going to Get Your Attention. However, if I am paying attention, if I am here now, I can engage with them and learn from them without being hurt. We can connect. And that is how I see this present moment and this current video of yours. There are lock downs, a spreading disease, financial crisis’s, people losing jobs, children facing illiteracy, and a growing population of the homeless walking south with their few possessions on their backs. I can connect with all this too.
    This brings me back to allowing Chaos to have its way with me. How can I, this single, alone person help bring about The current change being asked of me? What is my place in all this upheaval? Who should I connect with? Where is the power and strength that will help? Everyone is not a Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi or Martin Luther King; most are not. All I am asked to do is say, “Here I Am”. Right now, I see and feel Montaro connecting and looking straight into my eyes and speaking to my heart in his kingly, loving and powerful way. When I move in this other connected way, in this other dimension, unbelievable things happen in my tactical, earthly world. I, my egoic, fearful self, is being asked to get out of the way. Montaro is encouraging me to forge ahead. To listen, to pay attention, and to act. And it isn’t always a huge earthy action that I’m asked to do; but it creates a huge open space where other things have the opportunity to change. During this past month, I began writing to a 13-year-old child as her penpal; I felt so much joy when this opportunity arrived. I talked about it in one of the Zoom groups I am a part of. A high school teacher in that group is going to bring this thought, community people writing to students to increase their literacy skills, to her board of directors. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe it won’t. That isn’t the point. The point is for me to move on the impulses, the Wisdom, to allow action not stagnation. The result of my action is not in my hands although I allow the Wisdom to flow through me and out into what I call space for a lack of another better word.
    Suddenly, as I walk in the garden, I see seed heads everywhere. Noticing isn’t enough….I need to act and collect them and set them in a cool, dry place. Then, at the right time I need to act again and put them into soil, water them and nurture them. What I am being told, by Wisdom is that I can chose to act and that is the answer I am finding with Chaos…..Listening isn’t enough, being buffeted isn’t enough, being afraid will harm or hold back change; I have to lean into Chaos and take action.

    • August 16, 2020 at 7:40 pm

      YES! Beautifully said Claudia 🙂 The dance is the timing between listening, seeing/perceiving, aligning and entering the flow; which leads to the stillpoint in the center of chaos AND action. All these other pieces allow us to perceive and align with the timing of the action. So our actions are then aligned with the universe – which then takes 5 loaves and fishes and feeds hundreds.

      As you said, the result or onflow of our action is not our concern – as Montaro guides us, simply move/act and the confluence of energies and synchronicity will do with it what is meant to be. xox

    • September 25, 2023 at 4:07 pm

      I agree with everything all of you are saying…. I feel chaos …. And I’ve experienced it as a level of self, in my exploration of consciousness… but in terms of spreading the message… I really feel “flow” is a softer name for it, and more palatable?…..🤷❤️🙏

      • September 26, 2023 at 6:57 pm

        You mean ‘flow’ as an alternate name for ‘chaos’?

        I can kinda see that, as a vortex is still flowing in one direction… But it breaks down when you apply it to things like music. A flowing piece of music sounds nothing like a chaotic piece of music. I know, because when I did 5rhythms Dance I used to loathe the chaos rhythm LOL.

        Oh whoops! Just noticed you were replying to Claudia! Okay never mind – delete! 🙂

    • September 24, 2020 at 4:12 pm

      The entire animal kingdom is so wise… And then there’s us… trotting along behind, trying to keep up 😉


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