Horse Wisdom: Integrating Spiritual Shifts in the Physical Body

Perhaps during this year of intense spiritual growth, you may be experiencing aches, joint pain, headaches, dizziness, etc., even though there’s no ‘physical reason’ for you to be experiencing these symptoms. As you develop yourself spiritually or energetically, and your vibration or frequency shifts, you may find your physical body struggling to integrate these changes.

The herd has some wisdom for us in how to manage and facilitate this process:

Is there any practice or technique that you’ve found helpful? Please share it with us…

Horse Wisdom: Integrating Spiritual Shifts in the Physical Body

2 thoughts on “Horse Wisdom: Integrating Spiritual Shifts in the Physical Body

  • May 9, 2021 at 11:11 am

    On a few different observations so envious it’s still cold there for you. We already had a 98 degree day and it was so hot! We also have had numerous fires close by already! The wind has fueled them and it’s starting out a crazy fire Season and it’s only May! Another observation is the hooves! You know I am a hoof junkie and seeing the wildies hooves look so well with only them self trimming is extremely awesome for me!

    Love how Cobra blew out when you said the part about his body. So in line with my theory of the blow out confirmations I truly loved that! Couldn’t agree more about clearing out the shit we or others put in our bodies…such an important message to absorb! Again love that the horses showed a clear example of this! I also am so in tune with the over giving and then the resentment! I tend to do this with friends and know I create an expectation in my mind that is unfair and unrealistic because I choose to give so much! It is slippery slope like Juliet said! I appreciate hearing this as I definitely needed to!
    I have always been a bit of a crouch/asshole and it is part of me love is not all fluff and happy but it all can be love such an important concept for us humans to understand! I had a very deep connective moment with Buck A Roo last week about this and we both laughed and cried in our own ways! We have a lot in common and I am slowly seeing this more and more! Duh one reason he came into my life is to bring me closer and closer back to myself!
    Thanks to all you amazing Ma Mas on this day! ✌🏼💚🐴

    • May 11, 2021 at 1:35 am

      omg Michelle – we were all FREEZING that day! 2 days before I was in a tshirt, then this weird cold blitz came through. SOME of the wildies hooves are great, but Siyone’s are appalling! Have been all year. I keep asking, and she keeps saying, “Hell no!” So I just remember Cobra and how he knew exactly what he was doing. So cool with you and Buck A Roo and I personally enjoy being around people who are blunt and honest in the moment! Is there anything else you can plant to help with fire or sequester water? Maybe a YouTube search would be worthwhile, people are coming up with permaculture, regenerative stuff all the time now… xox


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