Livestream Horse Videos Reach out to Children

The idea I’ve evolved to with my Livestream videos is to simply let the horses speak, or show what they want. My role is supposed to be to just hold the camera.

However, I’ve yet to be able to stick to that the entire way through! Regardless, the videos are finding their own unique audience as a fellow horse listener who assists special needs kids let me know that they have been engaging the attention of children she works with. Some people are also seeing the parallels between the way the wild mustangs ask to be treated and the boundaries and body language of traumatized kids.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here’s this week’s livestream: Before I started filming, I held an intention that the video be for these sweet kids.

The horses were fascinated with my hand! Lots of exploration with their lips and teeth. Now that I think about it, I had put some shea, cocoa butter and coconut oil hand cream on a couple hours before, perhaps that’s what they were trying to experience!

Jax and Juno followed me out to the field, but wouldn’t come into the forest with me – they preferred to enjoy the sun. After I walked back to the barn, Juno lay down in the sunny field and had a nap. Sweetheart.

The up-close bits start about 6 minutes in…

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Livestream Horse Videos Reach out to Children

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