How to Use Spiritual Healing or Energy Healing with Animals

sunrays-syrupIf you read this blog regularly, you’ll notice I often write about my conversations with horses. If you’ve researched animal communication, you’ll also know there are lots of courses you can take to learn how to ‘talk’ with your horse.

What intrigues me though, is how many people just do this automatically – without having been taught. And one day I wondered: What method or technique are they using? So I emailed this question to a bunch of people:

How do you connect with a person or animal who’s not physically with you? Either to communicate, or share love, or give healing?

And I think you’ll agree, I got some pretty cool responses. And of course, because animals don’t speak Human, these techniques work just as well if you’re with the animal! Then scroll down to the end and I’ll tell you the method I use to listen and talk with my animals.

“Usually I picture us either together, or in one of those chat messages online, it depends on what I’m doing – like for just communicating or love I’ll use the chat thing, and then for the healing I’ll use the imagining we’re together. For healing, it often works best when I’m asleep. As I’m just drifting to sleep, the horses will start coming. In the morning, I know who I’ve worked on and what their names are – even if I’ve never met them before and some are in other countries.”
– Zara, 11 years old

“Just think about the individual without distractions… you may even talk to the person silently… I don’t worry about whether they answer me, or not.”
– Retired Doctor

“By dissociating from thought and descending into feeling, and into the earth, and into the warm darkness beneath the earth, feeling your way to them there, and connecting. It is essentially the practice of shamanic journeying but without the sonic driver (drum).”
– Anonymous Male

“When I connect to an animal that is not with me, I extend my golden rope and imagine it finding the animal I am connecting to. The rope extends from the center of my being to the animal. Then I send it love, by sending pink energy through my rope until I feel like it has reached the animal. I send this love energy with both my mind and intention. I also imagine me being with the animal or person and giving it love and compassion. And sometimes if I really need to, I will say things like, “I love you. I am setting the intention for you to be safe and relaxed.” Things like that. Things that I feel will help them feel better or encourage them to get better. And I tell them how much I love and appreciate them.”
– Irelynn, 15 years old

“From my gut – I think animals are just as sentient as we are. So doing EFT, projecting love in our thoughts, and the projection of that love with healing intent will affect them as much as it will effect people. I know from unpleasant experience that dogs have a very negative reaction to pity, even to biting you, just as an angry miserable person might.”
– Anita, musician & artist

– Ian, businessman

“Let’s use my dog as an example. I just tap into the memory of what he looks and feels like, how if he were with me, what his eyes would be doing, his body mannerisms etc. and let myself recall the memory and sensations as if he were with me. If I was unable to envision I would maybe use a photo to ignite my senses and imagine what he would smell like, or what his coat would be like to touch.

I then connect this memory/feeling to my thoughts (my hope, my desire) in the moment and send him those thoughts along with a picture. Animals often understand pictures better than words; so I send the thoughts/words along with picture-version of those thoughts. All the while holding intention and focus as if he were with me in the present, as if I could reach out and touch him.

The next step is to listen, be patient, and wait for a feeling, sensation or maybe an image that comes into my mind. I would think that because animals operate on a different plane than we do, they have the ability to read us before we can read them. Bottom line, the animal knows that you are desiring connection with them and will respond accordingly.

If you wanted to connect with an animal to do a healing, the simplest thing is to give them permission. Let the animal know that you are inviting them into the process and that their experience or gifting is valuable. Intention is the key. Holding the focus of your thoughts is really important. Often times it’s a feeling or picture, even a few words strung together.

So how do you know that you are connecting? You probably would not be thinking of those things in the moment and it feels like there is a congruence in the message, feeling, or image, with your thoughts.

I actually don’t think this is hard, I just think people believe that we are not connected. If we choose to believe that every living thing is connected then this mode of communication should not be difficult at all.”
– Lori Clark

Jini’s Method Of Communicating with Animals

connectPretty cool, eh? For myself, connecting with animals (or people) always starts with connecting myself to Source FIRST.  What does that look like for me? Sometimes I bring divine light, or source energy in through the top of my head and run it down my body into mother earth. Other times, I will pull energy up from mother earth, through the soles of my feet and circle that energy in a loop around my body. Then I open the front and back of my chest to source energy – or to receive from a tree; coming in the front of my chest and out the back.

HOW do I do all this? I simply close my eyes and IMAGINE it all happening. Remember that thing adults kept trying to stop you from doing as a child? Yes, that thing: Imagining, envisioning, soft-focus daydreaming. That’s all it is. Therein lies the key to the universe. Pretty darn simple huh? And usually why kids are better at healing or connecting to divine energy or universal consciousness than adults.

But never mind, fortunately, although our powers of imagination can get rusty, they never leave us. And with a little effort, we can start visioning – see it in your ‘mind’s eye’, bring in what it would smell like, sound like, any tastes involved… really let it come to life in your mind. At some point – and this gets easier and faster with practice – your imagined feelings, vision, experience will morph into something that resembles a movie; that you lose yourself in without awareness of time. I call this being in the zone.

Once I am connected to source and am in the zone, I bring to mind my intention or desire. Sometimes that desire is simply to say, “I am open and listening.” And then I just stand there focusing on my source energy connection and sooner or later, the animal starts sending me pictures or ‘thought packages’. For me, these thought packages are a combination of pictures, words, feelings and knowings. Then I respond with an energy (love, healing light/energy, compassion, etc) or a thought package of my own, and so the dialogue/communication begins.

Sometimes, not a word or thought package is transmitted, but I simply go to work imagining healing for the horse or animal. Maybe I need to sweep out/cleanse the wounded area of the trauma or bad energy, then flush it with cleansing white light, then imagine holding my hand a few inches above the wounded area and flowing source energy (from source or the divine), through my body and out my hand. Note: when doing healings, it is very important not to use your own energy, but always flow the energy from the divine, or mother earth, or a tree, or your angels. etc. When I feel the healing is complete, I seal it in with a clockwise motion – like screwing on a lid.

I have taught many people how to do healings for themselves and others and the most important guideline is this: There is no right or wrong way to do it! As you can see from the varied answers I received above. You don’t need to copy anyone else’s technique. Just connect to source, the divine, Jesus, your angels, mother earth (I could go on!) and then do whatever you feel like doing. It’s really that simple and that powerful.



How to Use Spiritual Healing or Energy Healing with Animals

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  • December 1, 2023 at 3:39 am

    I never took into account the fact that animals can even be affected by the healing intent that one might have through projecting love in one’s thought. If animals can be affected, then people can very much benefit from online energy healing classes as well. It’s because I think that it can be hard to communicate with species that are not the same as us, so if they benefit from it then people can be easily receiving the same thing, too.

    • January 3, 2024 at 11:33 am

      Yes, but *should* we? How are we assisting another soul’s evolution if we do their healing work for them? And what are the consequences to the ‘healer’ for entangling their energy field with another? If we don’t have a soul agreement with another, should we even enter/involve ourselves with their energy field? These are questions I didn’t consider – other than ‘cleansing’ my energy body – until I began dialoguing with Ginny Jablonski.
      p.s. sorry for the delayed reply but somehow your comment went into Spam. Luckily I checked and thank you for sharing 🙂


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