Equines Assist Each Other to Resolve Trailer Trauma

Trailer play with the 3 adventure lads together! Jax (white Arab/Belgian), Montaro (Lineback dun) and Juno escaped a couple weeks ago when my barn help left a gate ajar for a few minutes. This video is part of the trailer play I’ve been doing with them since, to get them super comfortable and able to load quickly – establishing the trailer as a good place to be.

Juno in particular had been on and off the trailer quite a lot before, but he’d never had the door closed, and he’d never ridden in a moving trailer. So the ride back from their escape adventure was quite traumatic for him.

In this livestream video, Jax continues to help Juno face and process his recent trailer trauma. How? By running him out of the trailer! Making the trailer a place where ‘normal’ rules apply. By showing him it’s the favored place/spot where everyone wants to be. Montaro then enforces the lesson. It’s SO COOL when the herd can help each other move into greater freedom and fluency and I just need to follow their instructions. Love it!

After this, both Jax and Montaro asked to leave the trailer area and returned to the herd – Juno stayed in BY HIMSELF. And then as I did some raking, he went into the trailer and calmly ate hay for about 15 minutes. I then went in there with him and got him some more vit/mineral feed in the dish and itched his scratchy spots. He was totally calm and very centered through the whole thing. I’ve seen this with these horses a few times now. They wait for ‘the right moment’ and then they drive the other one to discharge the built-up stress. It’s so effective that I’ve started copying them. Now, when something stresses me, I jump up and down or run around for a bit – drain it out!

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Equines Assist Each Other to Resolve Trailer Trauma

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