Horse-Human Mirrors: 2 Mamas 2 Sons

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I periodically write about the phenomena of Horse as Mirror. Of course this mirror function can be provided by any animals that live with us, and if we’re parents, the mirror role is often played by our children – especially when they’re young.

Animals and our young children are intimately involved with our energy field and are also major figures in our spiritual path. Of course the entire equine-assisted therapy field is built on this premise: that the horse will mirror back to the client what is happening in their energy field (their thoughts, body-trauma, beliefs etc.).

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how Big Mama developed a growth/tumour on her chest – directly under her heart – which led to a powerful lazer tapping session about losing a child. That tapping video helped literally hundreds of people process their trauma around losing a child (to miscarriage, drug addiction, moving away, etc) and also around being the child, or mother, who left.

Well, a couple of weeks after Mama Audelina’s tapping session (by which time her lump was almost gone), her son Juno became dead lame in his left front leg. Remember: the left side of the body is feminine, the right side is masculine (in the brain it’s reversed).

So Kesia isolated Juno in a pen with the goats so he could rest his leg. But after a few days, Juno’s leg still wasn’t getting any better. When I tuned into his injury, I immediately felt Juno was mirroring with my son Hugo:

Can Juno/Hugo not move forward because he has guilt over causing mama pain?
Is it because a big part of him didn’t/doesn’t want to leave his mum?

Juno sharing a pen with the goat people

You may remember that my son Hugo was scouted by a few Premier League teams in the UK and so was supposed to attend boarding school in England and begin playing with a professional academy last year, having just turned 14. But when we flew him over there and I unpacked his things and made up his bed in his room at Royal Russell boarding school, something powerful and dead-certain rose up in me and I said, “Nope. We can’t do this. He’s too young.”

It was a terribly stressful time for Hugo and my husband Ian, but neither of them fought me on the decision to pull Hugo out of the school, as they both felt in their own gut, the wisdom of my decision. Hugo decided to stay the rest of the week, to experience what it was like, and by the third day he said to me, “Something inside of me is dying, if I stay here, I won’t be Hugo anymore.”

He was experiencing what most (all?) children go through when separated from family before they’re mature enough. A part of them has to dissociate to cope with the pain of the separation. Ian and I visited him at boarding school every day that week and I was mystified as to why Hugo was forcing himself to stay when it was so difficult. But by the end of the week, he had made a place for himself at the school and connected with both staff and students. Hugo’s wisdom was that this was something he had to gain some fluency in, even though it was very difficult.

Hugo & I in his dorm room at Royal Russell

The principle at the school was a real gem and did not argue with my gut wisdom at all. At the end of the week, he told us that they all loved having Hugo there and would guarantee him a spot if he wished to return within the next 3 years. So although I pulled the plug on Hugo’s separation last year, when Juno also left his mum and went far North with his dad to Kesia’s place, I knew it was a parallel to our human family, and that Hugo would certainly head back to the UK when he was ready.

So when the lump on Aude’s chest led to a tapping session about her losing her son Juno, and then shortly after that Juno became lame in his left leg (feminine side), I immediately looked to the parallels and messages that mama & son were mirroring to us humans, about Hugo and I.

At the same time, I was wondering about the inconsistency Hugo showed in his playing performance here in Canada, whilst he is consistently good in the UK or Europe. So my attention was called to 2 things:

1. When he plays with a crappy team in Canada, why does he not rise and outplay them all? Why doesn’t he use his voice and power to rally that team to be the best team they could be? Why doesn’t he show himself to be a game-changer on the pitch? He certainly has the charisma and personal power to do so.

2. Why is he inconsistent with soccer here? He is not inconsistent in ANY other area of his life. He does very rigorous, advanced personal training with 2 other coaches – one who’s been to the Olympics and the other who’s played pro soccer in Europe – he trains twice a week with them, every week and has never had an off-day. He also does his own training in the park, rain or shine. With school/grades, drama, dance, anything you ask him to do around the house – he does it brilliantly and with focus/excellence. So why the yes/no with soccer in Canada?

Which brought me back to Juno… and the message of his body; wanting to move forward and be free with the other horses, yet held back by his lame left leg. Where is the corresponding yes/no in Hugo’s body or energy field/consciousness?

Hugo (age 11) with Juno (age 2)

I felt that this was Hugo’s process – that Juno was sign-posting for Hugo and the insight/answers/illumination had to come from Hugo. So Hugo and I sequestered ourselves in my room at midnight (for some reason all 3 of my kids like to do deep dives after midnight!) and Hugo went into what the message could be: Of not moving forward, not being able to step forward, and it is the left leg, so it’s related to the feminine – and because Aude had the chest/heart lump issue, pretty sure it’s related to Mum.

What emerged was Hugo and I saying, “Wait a minute, WHY have we been taking on everyone else’s reality about Hugo’s soccer and his ability/potential to play Premier League?” We had been listening to everyone (including dad) who was saying, “If he’s not in a pro academy by age 14, he won’t make it. He’ll get too far behind. He’ll have lost his chance.”

But Hugo’s OWN wisdom – connected to his higher self, his destiny, his deeper wisdom – is that he is not restricted by age. Speaking from that place, he said, “Honestly, I could go to the UK at age 20, train my ass off in an academy for 5 years and make Premier League by age 25.” So then once we’d removed that false limitation/projection, we then both felt into what age each of us felt was RIGHT for Hugo to leave mum and head to the UK.

I felt the same thing I’d felt that day in the boarding school at Royal Russell; that the minimum age that I would be okay with him going and that I felt HE would be alright without me, was 16. Hugo said that he could go at 16 – “maybe” 15. But that he would need to come home every 1.5 to 2 months maximum.

So we agreed that he would not live in the UK (visits no problem) until age 16. Which is the year the Royal Russell boarding school suggested he come. Because then he will be able to ride on the tube/bus with no restriction from the England Football Association, and GCSE academic exams are finished, so he won’t have to be so hardcore on academics, and can focus on football. OMG the relief!!!

Of course, it will still be very hard for me to have him leave home at 16. And I’m willing to have him go at 15, for a month or two at a time, as long as Dad goes with him. But the horses have spent the last year preparing me and I still have a year and a half to go, so I feel I’ll be okay by the time our separation comes. I wouldn’t have been okay to let either of my other two kids go at 16, but Hugo has always been super mature/advanced. As Hugo says, “I’m just built different.” AND I look forward to him crafting his entire football career from this perspective of ignoring the way it’s ‘always been done’ and forging his own path. He absolutely has the lifeforce energy to rearrange his universe, if he wishes.

Hugo in a recent game – he’s taller than me now

Hugo and I came to all these realizations/conclusions by 2 a.m. And when I woke up late the next morning (or later that same morning!) I texted Kesia and found out that Juno was back in with the herd – not entirely healed, but moving with the herd. The next day he was running and even wrestling with Falcon. In the next day or two (issues take a bit longer to lift out of the physical body) Juno was 100% healed.

Juno out with the herd about 7 hours after Hugo leans into the message

That’s how mirroring works. The animal/horse only holds the injury or illness until we receive all the messages and have taken the requisite action. Then the injury or illness can be released, very quickly, because its work is done.

Ian felt a tremendous relief when we told him of Hugo’s realizations. The next step was Hugo coming to me a month later to do a tapping session on his inconsistency playing with his local team. Remember, he would play brilliantly one day and crapola the next – evidencing that there was a Yes/No happening within him. We did a tapping session on Hugo’s fear of making mistakes and beating himself up for not being perfect. Bless him, Hugo allowed me to record the session so that I can share it with members of my Lazer Tapping course who have a similar struggle.

Although I didn’t expect Hugo’s inconsistent playing to resolve with just one tapping session, that’s exactly what happened. Ian is no longer frustrated or worried that Hugo will fall behind. We have ALL just relaxed and exhaled – Hugo (and we) have taken our power back and joined that intention together with Hugo’s intention for his destiny/path – and so we all feel completely solid and RIGHT.

One day, on the way home from a soccer game, Ian and Hugo stopped by the barn, when I was not there. Hugo told me later that he had gone into the tackroom to get boots and Big Mama Aude came up, blocked the door, and wouldn’t let him come out.

Aude right outside the tackroom door

Hugo said, “I asked her to move and she wouldn’t move. So I picked up a wooden spoon I found and waved it at her, and she still wouldn’t move. She told me, ‘Use your energy.’ So I brought my energy up about 30% and it didn’t work. So then I brought it up to about 60% and she just stood there looking at me. Fine! So I brought it up to about 80% and she took one step back. Then I was like, that’s it! So I brought it all the way up and she just calmly moved right out of my way.”

Once again, this herd supporting and facilitating brilliance for all of us! Hugo has been talking about his next challenge: Feeling confident taking on much bigger players. He recently played a game against guys 2 years older – which at this time of life can mean a head and shoulders taller and an extra 80 lbs of muscle coming at you. I guess if he can move a 2,000 lb horse using only his energy, that’s going to help him feel a wee bit more powerful out on the pitch!

I leave you with a quote from Oprah Winfrey:

…the dream cannot come to you unless you’re willing to meet it energetically in the same place.

Spend some time really thinking about what it looks/feels like to meet your deepest desire, your destiny, energetically. How do we align ourselves in spirit, intention, action and imagination with our highest good – TODAY?

The whole quote from Oprah is:

“Life has dreamed a dream for you. And your goal, your number one job, is to figure out what that dream is and align yourself with the dream. Because the dream cannot come to you unless you’re willing to meet it energetically in the same place. So if your energy is off, if you are not in flow with God‘s dream for you, with life’s dream for you, if you are out of sync – it cannot come to you.”

Baby Hugo & I in Hawaii
Horse-Human Mirrors: 2 Mamas 2 Sons

13 thoughts on “Horse-Human Mirrors: 2 Mamas 2 Sons

  • November 29, 2020 at 3:15 am

    Hello my sweet sister Jinni,

    I’ve been enjoying the wisdom of you, Kesia and your herd of expressive horses for a long time now. I have an interest in this totally different way of communicating with a horse and that horses are not in our lives for riding and putting them in a stall on their own. I had never before thought of that. I just went along with the rest.

    Your way of thinking isn’t mine at all, but as you can see….I love horses and have been willing to be open, be detached to let go of all kinds of ideas I have gathered along my 75 years, except that I’m a soul and I express myself through the body. All animals, horses and human beings are souls essentially giving this life-force through the body. For me this means that I understand soul and that leads me into living a doubly non-violent life in thought, word and action. Understanding soul and seeing others, including all horses and other animals…gives them and myself huge upliftment …. obstacles become lessons.
    You’ve done very well with your way of thinking and then doing, Jinni and Kesai! Well done!

    This is why we are so close! There is a lot of information on my studies out there and so let me introduce myself. I am Sister Marianne Barkman, for the past 31 years student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University offering free Raja Yoga classes, so souls can themselves discover the power of peace, love and spiritual understanding that’s already within themselves, soul. This thinking pushes out all anger, greed, attachment and more, so that all humanity understands and are empowered and uplifted. I have offered my life to this thinking as it makes me have so much gentle power that removes all sorrow and suffering of my past and helps me to spread this, like a wave to all feeling beings.

    We are a multinational organisation run by women, elderly women as time moves on. Most with beautiful minds. We are souls and focus on our own inner beauty of Love, Peace, Happiness, Purity and Truth, which all souls have within. We spread this with our thinking, speaking and doing during whatever it is we are doing.

    I share the model of the Glass with those that are interesting.

    More later. Thanks. Am getting very tired now

    I’m Dutch and live in NW London, United Kingdom

    • November 30, 2020 at 12:59 am

      Hello Marianne – so nice to meet you and thanks for writing! Thank you also for the space you and your sisters are holding on this planet for higher consciousness. The power of the elder woman has at times been revered, feared, ignored, or underestimated. But you know the value of your work – and at a time like this, it is especially important! Namaste.

  • November 29, 2020 at 3:52 am

    Hi Jini,

    I have found this post so interesting!

    My mother pushed me away at about 20mths of age, physically and emotionally (she has many of her own demons to work through) and I replaced her with my father and my horses. It was a fairly true replacement as I don’t remember having any pain around missing her ever (except when I started my own family). Or maybe I dissociated it?! She never tried to repair the bond, so maybe that also helped me to not miss my mother. My father has a lot of nurturing energy also though.

    I went through HUGE gutrenching trauma when I was made to go to boarding school at age 16 without my horses. Most of me died – not just a part and it began the negative spiral of life experiences that I continued to draw into my life for some time. And I have been adamant that my girls would not go to boarding school!

    However my eldest baby has just declared that she is going to boarding school in grade 6 (11yrs), and she’s going to take her horse. That’s only 2 years away and I was equally adamant that if she wanted to go the earliest would be grade 7 when high school starts here. I can’t help feeling that I’ve somehow pushed her away like my mum did to me!! I have so struggled to be the mum I thought they should have, but gee a lot of trauma has come up during the process!

    I’m fairly in tune with my intuition with my girls and I’m really concerned that it’s the right thing for her, but at this moment I think it’s possible she could thrive. How is this so, I wonder? She’s not and has never been like other children her age. I’m not really commenting on the horse/human mirror sorry Jini, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing what this has prompted for me – especially as I finally have time to comment!

    I love the stories around Juno and Firefly and their mothers and weaning etc. It has helped give me so much insight into what feels right for me! This post is bang on again!
    Thanks Jini

    • November 29, 2020 at 8:13 am

      Hi Tamara…wanted to say that this is the wonderful part of this LTYH family! The posts that are put out there inspire something different for all of us! Your healing /pondering is also mine and so on! We all have our own story and hearing about yours weather you feel it’s directly related or not is helpful! I personally think it is very related as it is what it brought up for you! So for me I hope you comment whatever you feel lead to! As it is what you want/need to say/feel/ponder! And that’s Important! ✌🏼💚🐴

    • November 29, 2020 at 6:33 pm

      Amen to what Michelle said! I am always thrilled to hear whatever my post or video sparks in someone. It’s like a huge stewpot and everyone throws in their piece and it simmers together, nourishing all.

      I SO feel for the difficult space you’re in! That’s what got me over to England, unpacking Hugo’s room at the boarding school – he was SO rock certain that this is what he wanted, his destiny etc. So I felt I should just support him and deal with my own grief/agitation/upset myself – to not put that on him. However, once I unpacked him and it became REAL – the Mama of the Ages in me rose up said, HELL NO!

      The cool thing – and why there are no shortcuts or bypasses to walking the path – is that Hugo felt it too. So then it was not me vs him and toxic control (“you’ll thank me later”). And even though it caused them great sorrow and stress, BOTH Ian and Hugo knew that my guidance was right. And along with that, it was of crucial importance for Hugo to then spend that week there! Another thing that would not have happened if we hadn’t walked the path. I also feel that week there has energetically set him up for a feeling of ‘coming home’ when he does return – which will also support him in his separation from home/family.

      So I guess what I’m saying, is there is no easy answer! We need to CO-CREATE with our children, the same way we do with our horses. And the JOURNEY is always the point – not the end result. Whether your daughter ends up actually staying at the school after you haul her & horse there. Or just needs you to say “Yes, I trust your inner guidance and you have full permission to change direction at ANY time.” Or she decides 2 days before that she doesn’t want to go. Or she decides after 3 days, 7 days, 3 months, that she doesn’t want to stay there. IT’S ALL GOOD. Because the point is to walk the journey.

      And for us, regarding the money piece (because of course these schools require a downpayment) we made a decision long ago to never let money stop us from parenting in full integrity. No money is worth a child’s soul, or a wounding/trauma that alters the next decade of their life. But here’s the really cool thing that happened with Hugo. Because we were fully prepared to lose the money and not holding any forceful/grasping energy, the principal made an exception and said he would hold our money as a credit for when Hugo returns! So we did not lose a dime.

      Well keep us posted whenever you can! Btw, I also emailed you back in response to your last voice message – so I hope you got that? Everything seems to be going to people’s Junk folder these days… xoxo

  • November 29, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Jini,
    It’s been a while since I’ve written but rest assured I read this blog every Sunday and often am comforted by Listen to Your Horse insight. So, mirroring as insight to current life relationship….
    Today, I live with a 17 year old dog, Willow who often comes up to me and stares with laser sharp accuracy, speaking to my hearts ear with her dog wisdom. Am I listening???!!! Nope.
    She has been peeing on the kitchen floor nightly recently (could be old dog kidneys and bladder but I’m not so sure as there are no other signs that is the case, vet says there are no infections). Now, I’m thinking this is more a mirror of things being out of place. She has also experienced inexplicable falls onto her right shoulder. The first time it hurt, she yiked and remained sore for a few days. She hadn’t been limping and was her normal energetic self for her normal two wakeful hours a day, she is old and rests a lot and I disturb her to go out every so often; we also take a daily 2 mile walk. She pulls me along if I dilly-dally. Otherwise, she rests in her strategic space the rest of the day where she can keep an eye on me…God bless her. The second time she fell easier on the same right shoulder and rolled off it without hurting herself. So, a weakness is showing in her shoulder. This comes at the same time as a sudden and inexplicably upheaval in the relationship between my oldest son (age 35) and myself. I am reeling having been shut out of his life as he ‘doesn’t have the time or energy to be in relationship with me right now.” I was knocked off my feet by my son’s sudden instituted boundary setting. Apparently he has some big issues that he hasn’t addressed with me and I’ve been oblivious…..a sure sign of weakness in the relationship if there ever was one. So, as I miss him I realize I need to silently connect to Wisdom to find the right path for the relationship to heal and flourish.
    It amazes me how all is connected and how we can so easily miss the signs that something is amiss. Since Willow is also affected, I will keep a close eye on her as she keeps a close eye on me. Her message has come into this thick head loud and clear. I realized today that as much as want to know why things are so painful right now,the most comforting message I’ve recieved is that love is key. All will fall into place as I learn how to love at a distance.

    • November 30, 2020 at 12:50 am

      Ach Claudia my heart goes out to you… Interesting with the right shoulder – masculine of course and here’s some tidbits for you to ponder (see what parts strike a chord) from the book, Messages From the Body by Michael J. Lincoln PhD:

      “The shoulders reflect our feelings and thoughts about what we are doing and how we are doing it, as well as our attitudes about how we are being related to and about our responsibilities. They have real difficulty carrying their responsibilities in a joyful manner. Their experience is they are carrying an overload of responsibilities with no assistance and no enjoyment. Their feeling is they can expect no fulfillment of their desires. There is a considerable amount of suppressed fear, frustration, guilt and anger at the load they have to carry.

      Right Shoulder Joint – They are deeply alarmed at the turn things are taking, and they feel that a ‘ship of fools’ is taking them down the tubes. They therefore feel a drastic need to take ‘hands on’ control of the situation or system. At the same time, they’re fed up with this kind of responsibility. But then again they feel that they can’t just stand by and let it happen. The result is that they are prone to become immobilized in conflict, frustration and self-cancellation.”

      Of course your children had a very difficult childhood, and they may not be capable of compassion and understanding for you until they themselves have older children and realize that it’s pretty much inevitable that we ALL hurt our children and cause them pain. Perhaps then they will also be able to see how remarkable it was that you got them out and managed to keep all of you clothed and fed.

      One of my brothers shut me out completely for 6 years – I would phone him occasionally and he would reply with one-word answers. At one point he even called me “evil”. By the time he finally came back to his true self and made some big changes in his life, 20 years had passed. But you know what he then said to me? “You were the only one who never left me. You were there all the time, I just didn’t realize it.” Because I held space for him energetically, his deep self knew I was there. I realized that his physical self had to walk this crazy-ass path, but I never gave up hope/belief that he would find his way back to himself. And he did.

      So just hold your son in love and compassion – while you lean in and keep doing your own work. Your healing is his healing… in that never-ending circle. Focus your energy on healing yourself and getting right with your own growth and development. Release him into love and compassion – every day give his angels permission to help him. And then turn back to your own work, as you have been doing. Namaste mama.

  • November 30, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    You make everything make complete sense Jini. graphically. ! this makes me want to know,, NEED to know, WHY Girl’s body was riddled with cancer tumours. and i and no-one else (saw thru her energy force-field (that i know of anyway) . Cancer is a dis-ease of low vibrational non-self love -energy. Animals are pure of Heart, pure of Spirit. Girl was/is a phenomena, an energetic force of nature. it’s not resolution or closure that i need, , i need to energetically grok what needs to be grokked. a Crux , a deeply shrouded mystery.

    • December 2, 2020 at 8:28 pm

      Hey Sheila – I answered you on Facebook 🙂

  • December 1, 2020 at 9:42 am

    Oh boy howdy

    Well this mirroring topic keeps coming at me! I know by now it’s not a coincidence! But it’s a msg I need to hear listen to and ponder on even more then I already was! I wrote in the disassociation video comments that It is a subject that perplexes me! I guess it’s because I don’t want the souls I love to have to take on or mirror my shit! But since we are all connected energy how could we/they not?

    My husband and I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately (thankfully due to our more regular main stream shows not being available due to Covid) and they are having a huge impact on how I feel about the way I live my life….most front and center is nutrition! As you know Jini (& probably most the LTYH family Dreamer foundered a few springs back and it catapulted me onto the high dive and deeper end of the pool of nutrition knowledge hole!

    So we recently watched “What the Health!” & then Game changers
    The first one rocked me to my core and it was the final catalyst that I needed to at least try a plant based only diet…my husband agreed to join me and we pledged to give it at least two weeks! Personally right now….I can’t see myself going back to meat or animal dairy as even though the affects on me are what I am so curious to see….the in my face knowledge I gained from that movie (although I already knew a lot of it😕) and seeing the conditions and impact that mass produced animals have on the planet is what really hurt my soul! I pride myself on feeling Mother Nature is my Devine so I need to be as authentic about that for who I am as of right now!

    When Dreamer and I first came together about 5 years ago I heard a message that said you smell like animal meat and I don’t like or trust it! Even though I do realize we are animals! But still..Why would he? He would not /still won’t take a carrot from my hand if I have a smell he doesn’t like…and he loves carrots!

    The arthritis in my hands has really come on the last 6 months and I am to young at 51 to except this and not realize it’s the food choices and energy I make that either heal or create illness in my body! I feel Dreamer foundered to send me deep in the nutrition rabbit hole but I was only applying it to them not myself! And I heard this msg over and over!

    I am by nature an ok eater I like veggies and fruit and grains but I also love animal dairy! But my body has been telling me change or else shit is going far south and the active women you are will not thrive! 🥺
    So then came Banners colic and the message… you need to change!
    I also was given a msg from him…and adjusted a few nutrition choices for him and for two weeks he has been amazing!

    My husband and I started our plant based journey on Saturday and I am so excited but also a bit uneducated about it! But learning more everyday! We went to the store yesterday to stock up on non animal items and I found a lot of plant based substitutes for some of my favorites…so that will definitely make the transition easier!

    I really dislike the idea of the animals in my care mirroring my choices in life but at the same time am so grateful for there dedication to me…but…it’s still all a bit overwhelming!

    I also know I have a lot of unresolved emotions around being molested by my brother and another family friend and also by my adoption at 3 months of age and now finding my bio mom …(who has not reached back out since our initial conversation) I have to truly forgive (for myself) and heal myself about these emotions and I am sure many others!
    I feel I have never had any resentment towards my bio mom ….but obviously it still caused emotions in me I need to explore! And now with her lack of follow with me…as of right now!

    I plan to explore some EFT tapping sessions for help with the healing and also for help with healing some of the things I feel the horses are holding! I also want to commit to yoga and more meditation!

    I really do believe we are all connected and are all energy so I want to help my emotions and the horses heal through collaboration and support of each other!

    This group is one of my saving graces and a place I can lay it out there where I believe I will be nurtured and challenged!

    • December 2, 2020 at 8:53 pm

      As someone who healed myself from a supposedly incurable intestinal disease and who has spent the last 20 years helping people with their gut disorders… my big advice is: LISTEN TO YOUR GUT

      Your gut is your belly, but also your intuition, your body wisdom. When you ask your body wisdom whether you should ingest a food, and how much, and how often, make sure you are not asking your tastebuds! Place your hand on your belly and ask your gut.

      In my experience, it is not about finding THE diet and sticking to it forever. Our bodies are always changing, morphing, flexing… and our needs change according to climate, stress levels, activity level and intensity, age, etc etc.

      Even with something straight-forward like dairy… there is a HUGE difference between pasteurized dairy and raw dairy. Cow milk has a completely different effect on the body and blood vs. goat or camel milk. Pasteurized milk of any kind (unless cultured afterwards into yoghurt using a therapeutic-grade starter culture) is pretty much a toxin/allergen. Carrageenan (added to many nut milks) is also best avoided. I could go on…. and on…!! My Listen To Your Gut book is 500 pages.

      But if you currently do not have a digestive disease, then the main thing you need to know is that YOUR BODY KNOWS what it needs and when it needs it. Listen to your body the same way you do your horses, and you’ll consume the best foods for you. And when it’s time to switch foods, your body will ask. For example, there is no tribe in the history of humanity that has consumed solely vegan foods whilst in child-bearing years, or lactating. It is not animal protein that is crucial, it’s substances only found in animal fat. So even the most remote tribes would travel at least once per year to gather foods rich in animal fat (fish eggs, or oily fish for example).

      So please don’t lock yourself into a paradigm or dietary religion, or you may create imbalance in the opposite direction. One more tip: if you’re just substituting plant-versions of animal foods, you may end up ingesting a lot of artificial or processed foods. So be sure and read the label on everything. Soy also contains a LOT of estrogen, so if all your plant-based alternatives are soy-based, then you’re going to have hormonal issues before too long. Back before nut milks became the rage, soy milk was the main alternative and I can’t tell you how many men I (thankfully) informed that their man-boobs and fleshy hips were due to soy consumption 😉

      I don’t mean to discourage you as you’re 100% on the right track (and yes, pasteurized dairy is hugely implicated in arthritis). All I’m saying is that your unique body knows more/better than any study, data, diet guru, nutritional trend, etc.

      I’m going to email you separately on the Tapping… 🙂 xoxo

      • December 3, 2020 at 9:49 am

        I agree! Don’t want to label or feel a label or following a trend is needed! Soy is something I have felt my body does not want! We don’t consume much if any…even before this decision! I will practice listening to my gut as time goes on to build/hone that ability!
        This is a huge shift for us so we are taking it one day at a time one meal/snack at a time! In an ideal world for me I would grow/raise all food that went in our bodies but I know that right now we are not even close and that even in the future that is a lofty goal! But our garden is an exploration every year and we keep learning!

        You mentioned native cultures and I do realize they were not completely plant based! I am wondering if you watched game changers? As some of the worlds top athletes were completely plant based and there stories were so inspiring and interesting! My husband personally feels he has been lied to all his life after watching that movie!

        We will just have to find our own unique path together and separately as I know what my body needs is different from his!
        You have not discouraged me and I always appreciate different opinions and perspectives as that is how I grow and move forward with this beautiful life!

        • December 3, 2020 at 9:00 pm

          The issue with ANY film with an agenda/bias is they focus on data, stories that prove their point. Look at my LTYH videos! I never reference natural horsemanship, or training methods, because I have my bias and I’m not interested.

          I know many people who can’t heal, or have gone into organ failure from long-term vegan diets. One of my readers even died, because she wouldn’t ingest a whey-based elemental shake and was waiting for the vegan version. One of the doctors I admire the most (who specializes in reversal of chronic disease) and who studied with one of the founders of veganism – was vegan for 20 years and then simply had to begin ingesting animal fats. He now has 2 pasture-raised eggs per week (what he really needs is the yolk). Here’s his site – they do really great work:

          So yes, a vegan diet can be FABULOUS for a period of time. What that length of time is, will be different for each person’s unique body.

          Vegan packaged foods on the other hand… can be pretty unhealthy. I bought a package of vegan cheese (Daiya – which tastes pretty darn good!) and it sat (unsealed) in my fridge for FOUR MONTHS. Not a speck of mold or microbe growth on it. The microorganisms told me that this isn’t actually “food”. When bacteria do not want your food, we really should listen!

          I’ll still have vegan cheese from time to time, I just put it in the same category as Cheetos or hotdogs – yummy but not nutritious. 😉


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