Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse – Part 1

Cobra’s healing journey started in the usual way, as our attention was called to, and focused on the physical symptoms of distress or malfunction. Right from when we first met him, we noticed that his hind legs were not in alignment, also referred to as sickle-hocked.

As our attention focused on his legs and what he needed, this soft, gentle steed became increasingly angry and aggressive. But not really, because even though he was pinning his ears and driving me, or mock-nipping me, or swinging his hind at me, at no time did I feel in real danger. It was like he didn’t actually want to hurt me, he just wanted to show me how terribly angry he was. And to have those feelings allowed and expressed.

I consider it a significant privilege when a horse entrusts me with their anger/aggression – which of course, is usually underlined with trauma at the hands of humans. The root is the trauma, and the anger sits on top of that pain and fear.

Why is Cobra so angry? Well, he lived wild on the range for the first seven years of his life, then he was captured and kept in a small pen. Without warning, and unbeknownst to his owner, he was castrated in the middle of the night by a drunk man. When his owner come out the next morning, he saw Cobra and the pen covered in blood. As tears ran down his face, he opened the gate and let Cobra free again.

This is part 1 of what turned into a 3-part healing process for Cobra (with smaller pieces in between the big sessions). As you’ll see below, Cobra wanted to receive pranic healing and energetic bodywork from Dr. Juliet Ghodsian, along with having his full emotions received and felt. As you’ll see, Juliet is a powerful empath, so feels things strongly in both her body and emotions.

After the session, we also discuss how and why we need to set healthy boundaries around empathy and the physical things energy healers need to do to keep their physical body strong and healthy.

If you’re a bodyworker, or energetic healer (healing facilitator) I’d love to hear your practices/techniques for taking care of your physical body’s needs while doing this kind of work. Just post your comment below…


Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse – Part 1

6 thoughts on “Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse – Part 1

  • June 28, 2020 at 5:31 am

    Hey Lovlies, second try posting this comment aargh!
    Thankyou for sharing this very timely vid, Wow!
    I want to share what happened today, it was amazing!
    The last week or so I have been feeling very very angry/sad.
    I knew something was surfacing so I sat with it (kinda)
    I promised Jarrah I would have a scratching sesh with him as I’d been very busy with other things.
    So I went over and apologised firstly for my shitty energy and started to scratch in his favorite places but it didn’t flow like it usually does and he kept nuzzling me, which is very unusual for him.
    I wondered what was going on, then he backed up to me so I could brush his tail which he usually likes at the end of a sesh, also its my fav thing to do with him.
    As I brushed the tears began to fall, all the emotion released. What a beautiful healer he is.
    Then awhile ago a couple of friends had, on separate occasions visited me and Jarrah came and hung out next to them. They both told me that usually they are frightened of horses but with J they felt all the fear dissipate! Awesome ay! I was so rapt for them.
    Then a couple of months ago J had a fall in the mud, he went down like a bag of spuds and really injured himself. He had a haematoma half the size of a football between his front legs!
    I was so freaked out and out of my depth once again! I called a horsey friend, she gave me some homeopathic pillules for him and I gave him oral and topical comfrey which eased the pain allowing more movement.
    On the 3rd day it was still pretty big but that night I woke out of a sound sleep and saw him standing outside my bedroom window. I felt a strong urge to sing to his haematoma in tongues, I thought what the heck, vibrations are powerful so I sung for about an hour then fell asleep.
    The next morning it was half the size!!!!!!!!
    It blew me away!
    What an amazing journey we’re all on.
    My heart is overflowing with gratitude to the humans and horses that make up the ltyh community.
    I am learning so much and greatly encouraged by all the sharings here.
    Namaste and big hugs

    • June 28, 2020 at 8:46 pm

      Wow! Just fantastic Erin! It is SO COOL what can happen when we open to animal relationships in this way. I just love your story. Posa too has injured herself by falling – but she won’t let Juliet or I do anything to help her. She wants one of our teen barn workers to enter into this healing-mirror-partner relationship with her. I have started filming it and it will likely be yet another very powerful story 🙂

  • June 29, 2020 at 6:56 am

    I have a few questions…I had always thought Kaliah was the boss of the newer horses? I know Big Ma Ma is queen especially now that her King is away…but has Sionye Always been the second lead mare? I was surprised to see her move Kaliah?

    This gelding castration after math has me very curious? I feel I have some of this going on in the 4 horsemen? Not in all the same way but feel this could be affecting them in different parts of there bodies?

    How do you find these amazing healers? Do they just flow to you? Or do you put the energy out there to find them? I guess that’s kind of the same thing…but just curious?

    The look in Cobras face and especially his eye after the session was remarkable! I definitely want to start asking the boys about how I could help heal or release or put back there energetic power they feel they have lost…and also help with any residual pain that might be there because of castration! I feel all of them have some kind of issue in this area as there physical cues seem to always point me to this feeling and general area!

    As always I appreciate you putting this on video and posting so we can learn and experience healing with the help of the herd!

    • July 9, 2020 at 8:52 pm

      Sorry for the late reply! Somehow this slipped past me. So… herd ranking:

      The very interesting thing is that (aside from Montaro) herd ranking is not a fixed thing, but rather a fluid thing. As a horse becomes more empowered, they rise in herd ranking. I’ve also seen the other horses encouraging a horse’s empowerment – letting that horse practice on them and “pretending” to be lower rank.

      With Kaliah, yes she was 100% the leader of her herd (Makah and Siyone) through the cull and both rescues. After Montaro left, things started shifting and we watched Kaliah retreat to be very involved with energy work and deep meditating. Like she needed to save her energy for other realms. So she pulled her energy in from the physical realm and Siyone came forward and is now #2 under Aude. Siyone has even got Aude to wrestle with her (unheard of!!) and mutual-groom.

      The rest of the herd shifts herd ranking as often as every few days, depending on what’s going on. Aude has not moved out of #1 position since Montaro left – but all others shift around.

      And great question as to the healers – I believe the herd calls them. I often get requests from people saying they were guided to be with the herd. Then I ask the herd and sometimes they say Yes, and other times, No. As you can see from Juliet’s story on Healing Ancestral Pain – this herd doesn’t mess around. So to be in their presence you have to be willing/ready to have your life kick into warp speed. When Guliz first met the herd, she was with a man I’d never met, but I knew that if she stayed with him (I could feel the energy as she talked about him), she couldn’t be with the herd. However, I said nothing to Guliz – I never get involved in relationships. But shortly afterwards, she ended it with him and then I knew, ah, she’s ready.

      I had 1 person come here (on the recommendation of my barn help) and Montaro physically pushed her outside the arena panels and said she could not enter the paddock. He then proceeded to tell me which questions to ask her and to deliver a “come to Jesus” moment for her. Then told me to walk her to her car, but not hug her. She never came back. Even the barn help has to be approved by the herd.

      Last thing: This Sunday’s post is going to be Part 2 of Cobra’s journey and includes a Tapping session that is likely going to be ideal for your lads! So feel free to tap along and change any words – you can tap for them as a group if you wish. Or maybe do your thing where you take your iPad out there and let them watch/hear the session! 🙂

  • June 29, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Half way through this video, I experienced an intense wave of joint pain (in all joints),, feelings of depression, not belonging and sadness, a mild headache, and a piercing pain in my right frontal ankle. And I thought, wow, what on earth is this???? Where was the energy coming from that would release this kind of latent pain and suffering in my body and spirit? Or, as you suggested sometimes healer’s experience, was I experiencing Cobra’s pain and suffering? I pushed that thought away and realized, wow, we are healing together, from the same energy. This is Monday afternoon and I’m still adjusting, still sore but aware of the process and accepting it.
    You tell us he was wild and free and starving for his first seven years. I was a child who was raised under a fear that there might be an epidemic that could kill me. My parents survived war as children so this imprinted on them; this epidemic scenario. In other words, had my siblings died from illness, I would have become significant. As that did not occur, there was no reason to bond with me, so I was starving too. I was not allowed to be whom I was meant to be under their roof. Cobra had a family; his life and family were traumatically yanked from him. Brothers, sisters, parents; all lost to him. Over years, although I wanted to be a part of my family of origin, I was never allowed in. Different circumstances, but same result — trauma imposed by others and under circumstances beyond our control. As I listened to your conversation, I was ‘seeing’ Cobra’s life and many, many of the awful things inflicted upon him by humans while also seeing my young life unfold.
    But I also began to really see him, Cobra. You talked about him ON the cliff; I saw him AS the cliff. What a beautiful expression of whom he actually is. A cliff; a place of adventure and danger, if there is a mis-step you can die; it could be cataclysmic; and, a place where different elements come together sometimes furiously, sometimes with serenity; but always absolutely beautifully–perfectly. A place where the wind is wild and free, where you can see into the distance and you can watch as things unfold before it reaches you unless it sneaks up behind you so you must be aware and paying attention. A place of contemplation and a place of action. The very wildness of it embraced me and made my heart sing and my emotions and body cry out.
    How humans tried, thinking they know best, to take his essence away from him. Then, he believed, they took away his masculinity. He was just reaching the age where he might have won his own harem. Poof, it’s no wonder that with hit after hit, Cobra’s body became too large and was on the verge of collapsing. What was he suppose to do with all that energy and no place for it; no cliff to stand upon?
    And then, here comes his new life with Jini and The Singing Herd. By then, Cobra had experienced too much of human nature. Should he even try? Can he trust? Will he be able to BECOME again and can we behold whom he is meant to be in this incarnation? He needed to settle into this new mixed family — horse/human. “Help me!”, he finally asks and here you are, helping. It is beautiful.
    I am near 80 pounds overweight — 13 of those pounds have melted away in the last 2 months without trying; only with healing. It is beautiful.

    • June 30, 2020 at 12:05 am

      This is so incredible Claudia… I don’t even have the words. I’m not surprised, but I am in awe and gratitude.

      I am also exceedingly looking forward to how Cobra’s next healing session – Part 2 – affects you…

      much love from all of us xox

      And thank you so much for taking the time, and figuring out how to language this experience. It is a gift.


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